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Thread: Which Asian?

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    Bored.. . Was wondering which Video to dl....Not to be racist but I am lookign toward whihc Asian Movie is the best to see. . . I don't mind if it is Jap/Chinese/Korean whatever just post a few names that are worth dl'ing to watch...thanks I guess I mean to say list a few names of the Hottest Asians in your own opinion. Also....I would liek decent sized breasts not like flat...UNLESS they have a nice body/ face to make up for them =P

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    Yea ROFL funny post. Don`t know of any btw.
    (I might have a motive of my own for bumping this thread though )

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    When I first read this I thought it was something nice so was about to name you a few good proper movies. Laughs, didn&#39;t realise you were out for kicks. Why not use and search for names on that.


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