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Thread: videoCD stops releasing!

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    Found this on the details page of Fantastic 4 on pisexy.
    VideoCD proudly presents...

    Fantastic Four

    Source [ NTSC Homemade TeleSync(yes its ours)]
    Theater Date [ 08/07/2005 ]
    Release Date [ 17/07/2005]
    Archives [ 51x15;51x15;20x15 ]
    IMDB Rating [ 6.1/10 (5,479 votes)]
    URL []

    Plot Summary...

    A group of astronauts gain superpowers after a cosmic radiation
    exposure and must use them to oppose the plans of their enemy,
    Doctor Victor Von Doom ...

    Cast overview...

    Ioan Gruffudd ......... Reed Richards
    Jessica Alba .......... Sue Storm
    Chris Evans ........... Johnny Storm
    Michael Chiklis ....... Ben Grimm
    Julian McMahon ........ Victor Von Doom
    Hamish Linklater ...... Leonard
    Kerry Washington ...... Alicia Masters
    Laurie Holden ......... Debbie McIlvane
    David Parker .......... Ernie
    Kevin McNulty ......... Jimmy O'Hoolihan
    Maria Menounos ........ Sexy Nurse
    Michael Kopsa ......... Ned Cecil

    Group News...

    Liked us ? Hated us ? Couldn't decide ? Fuck Yourself

    Well this is it folks, its been fun, but really not worth the
    consequences any longer. Our hearts go out to London, whereas the
    government "didn't" have enough information , but they can sure
    bust white collar crime. No big deal here, we realize that the USA
    goverment and other governments are corrupted by big business, oil
    etc... and that lives arent worth near as much to them as is the
    American $. Enjoy this nice ass release as we bow out.

    I would like to say thanks to those that have helped me grow
    personally and mentally online and off, i apologize to those whom
    were affected by my "disease" and praise those who have been loyal ║
    to me for the past 3 years. Shit happens, life goes on, we will ║
    meet again! (I promise not to talk about the c**t ) ║

    Special shout out to Angel & ***** you know why.
    Hope they don't stop as their releases were nearly all top quality.

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    There just working under a different name.

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    Cheers Peerzy, would be a big loss to the scene if they stopped.

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    Just like they used the name MAVEN for a while

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peerzy
    Just like they used the name MAVEN for a while
    yeh they released sum gr8 shit then lol

    Smith is a bag of douche,FACT.


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