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Thread: Copying tracks from a CD

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    I want to copy tracks from my music cd to PC.

    If I look at the file size for these tracks on the CD, the size seems to be only 1KB. Why is this.

    Therefore, When I do Copy & Paste these tracks, they do not play on my PC.

    So how can I copy and paste them properly. I dont want to rip them into MP3

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    Quote Originally Posted by reminder
    So how can I copy and paste them properly. I dont want to rip them into MP3
    then you'll have to encode them to another audio format like wav, flac, mpc, OGG, VQF, APE, etc
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    yeah, you still need to have a ripping program, sounds like your copy/paste only made shortcuts

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    Shortcuts won't play unless you have the CD in your drive.

    Just use your favorite music ripper and save them as .wav files with no loss in quality or size.

    You'll have the music on your PC and can convert them to mp3 format later if you so choose.


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