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  1. When did the D change in IDF?
  2. Bail them out?
  3. 2012 The End Of The World
  4. Daniel Hannan...
  5. A lesson on why socialism never works
  6. Here's an idea
  7. Obama Destroys America
  8. Well, then
  9. A slice of Americana...
  10. I'm very curious - what do you think of this?
  11. Food: Genetic and Synthetic
  12. A wise man indeed
  13. Starbucks Boycott
  14. Harry Potter and the Zionst Conspiracy?
  15. This is actually getting a tad worrisome...
  16. Secure vs. Burst Mode (FLAC)
  17. EU and the Canadian Seal Hunt
  18. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
  19. The most dangerous cities/neighbourhoods in the USA
  20. British MP's
  21. Ontologically speaking, how can GOD be proven
  22. Air france flight 447.What do you think?
  23. Which of these characters is worse...YOUR opinion
  24. Final destination
  25. The Fourth Estate...
  26. Now, this guy is good...
  27. Anyone care what's going on in Iran?
  28. Doesn't it all just go to shit
  29. Your Career Path
  30. Obama's transparency is sort of opaque
  31. Obamacare
  32. "Senator" Barbara Boxer...
  33. I'm really starting to like this guy
  34. Need some help, here...
  35. Birthers
  36. Poetic justice
  37. What's the big deal?
  38. Can't we all just get along?
  39. Dinner with Obama, a parable
  40. Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi
  41. In An Ecomonic Downturn...
  42. Two different healthcare salespersons, for sure...
  43. A poser for you
  44. Everyone will want to read this, I think...
  45. Will my posting of this link be...
  46. Israel Condemns Organ Theft Story in Swedens Paper
  47. B.O. really likes this guy...
  48. I never knew that....
  49. How to get off this stinking rock?
  50. This should (really) be worth a few re-election votes...
  51. Hey Barry...
  52. We shant judge 'til we verify...
  53. It has been an ongoing complaint from liberals...
  54. It has been an ongoing claim from conservatives...
  55. Is this guy serious?
  56. Someone can check the math if they like, but.
  57. Whattaya think of this?
  58. It says here...
  59. This is kinda interesting...
  60. Good riddance
  61. Apparently...
  62. An ethics "waiver"?
  63. Did Obama deserve the Nobel Peace prize?
  64. Enjoy
  65. It's over. Best Halloween Costume 2009. This guy. (Pic)
  66. So much wrong
  67. Idly wandering...
  68. Was Obama overrated?
  69. When the going...
  70. More Polanski news...
  71. Zeitgeist?
  72. Hear tell...
  73. On another note...
  74. Clocker...
  75. What possible reason...
  76. By the people:The election of Barack Obama
  77. Happy birthday
  78. Veterans Day
  79. That wacky Foxnews...
  80. Death by Cancer
  81. I wonder what will come of this?
  82. We could do with this here
  83. Wow, if The Politico is on his ass...
  84. Not that anyone's noticed, but...
  85. Atheists and christmas
  86. Got this from my Dad...
  87. Is this guy a tad too sensitive?
  88. Bin Laden's Closest Family Found Hiding in Iran
  89. Health Care in Singapore
  90. terrorism
  91. British officer talks about Israel in the U.N
  92. Is posting on the Internet the same as being in your car
  93. A Republican has...
  94. Air America is dead...
  95. Deadbeats?
  96. Don't they have enough problems already?
  97. Isn't this what Americans fear...
  98. Palin's "cheat sheet"
  99. New aerial pictures from 9/11/01
  100. Don't know if this will piss any Americans off, but it sure should
  101. Someone remind me again...
  102. Bomb blast in my city.....fucking terrorists
  103. I'd heard reference long ago, but couldn't remember...
  104. Sean Penn wants to squelch free speech...
  105. It's a small start
  106. on the subject of freedom of expression
  107. Obama administration not transparent after all?
  108. Looks like it passed.
  109. the current state of the palestinians
  110. I am a small businessman...
  111. Something is missing
  112. I know this is piling on, but
  113. As an adjunct and side-note...
  114. How the other world lives (or at least used to)
  115. anti rape device
  116. World opinion.
  117. DST for HALF a state (QLD, AU) o_O
  118. Starting a Business
  119. Failure?
  120. socialized or privatized cleanup?
  121. UK General Election - Who do you want to win, and why?
  122. What is happening in Greece now is headed our way soon.
  123. Elena Kagan? Anyone?
  124. So, it's a coalition government, eh?
  125. yes or no?
  126. Don't ask don't tell
  127. I just simply have to ask.. The latest fiasco in the Med. Sea (Turks & IDF soldiers)
  128. Who deserves to get punished?
  129. Obama Administration to File Suit Over Arizona Immigration Law
  130. Here's a question
  131. Obama administration still no good at mathematics...
  132. What happened to honesty?
  133. This will have great appeal to slightly more than half the U.S. populace
  134. What do you liberals think of this?
  135. This place is falling apart
  136. Undocumented immigration in border states
  137. Any Predictions For November's Elections?
  138. Double Dip Recession coming our way? What do you think?
  139. Coming home, or at least leaving the combat zone.
  140. Let's try something...educational!
  141. Poor Obama
  142. What does our UK contingent...
  143. Piracy Tax, Would you?
  144. Proposition 107-- Ending Reverse Discrimination (Affirmative Action)
  145. Political adverts/chain emails/opinion articles.
  146. How your food dies.
  147. Form of government
  148. A bit of much deserved gloating after the election...
  149. Keith Olbermann SUSPENDED???
  150. Arizona Officials Racist? Nooooooo.......
  151. Cool It!
  152. Marine Corp
  153. Veterans Day
  154. French gastronomy voted world’s 'intangible' heritage by Unesco
  155. This Happened Yesterday...
  156. Scarborough's scruples lastest MSNBC victims.
  157. Why the Delay?
  158. Obama steals Reagan's idea?
  159. George Soros-- we need more foreign influence in the United States.
  160. Oregon bomb plot
  161. Does Al Gore know about this?
  162. Filesharing is blatent theft
  163. Extending the Bush Tax Cuts
  164. Electric Cars
  165. Sorkin/Palin
  166. Wikileaks
  167. Inbreeding Democrats
  168. Obama brings in Clinton to fight his battle with reluctant Democrats
  169. Boehner is a weirdo
  170. Another Border Patrol Agent has been killed in Arizona.
  171. Tancredo: Border Patrol Rules of Engagement
  172. Neville Cramer: possible solutions to Illegal immigration
  173. The states are insolvent
  174. An amazing story about memory and the human brain
  175. Border Trash
  176. WTF is wrong with these people?
  177. Texas- The Gift...
  178. Is it ok to eat snow?
  179. Trump on China
  180. It's cold outside, it's Global Warming!
  181. virtual helicopter flight
  182. Arizona Cattle Growers' Association border issues
  183. NIA predictions for 2011
  184. What would the Pharaohs think?
  185. Calling Indians: What do you think about paypal??
  186. "singing" the Superbowl
  187. Too dumb for office?
  188. Public Employee Unions Must Be Crushed !
  189. The 51st State: Baja Arizona
  190. Running on a different set of rules than the rest of us.
  191. Another one?!?!?!?!
  192. I don't think it's enough.
  193. And now, Libya?
  194. Separation of Powers
  195. These congressional hearings
  196. Tell me we're not being gouged.
  197. Libya, here we come...
  198. Kids refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance.
  199. Do u believe in supernatural activities ?
  200. Democratic: Compulsory voting :huh:
  201. Take That, Fatty!
  202. About my 3 diagnoses
  203. Obama's plan to reduce the deficit
  204. Good news for you Canadian stoners? (Cannabis)
  205. Passover is coming!
  206. Where is this?
  207. The reported demise of Bin Laden
  208. SlutWalk
  209. Tucson School Board Meeting
  210. Are you smarter than a 10th grader?
  211. Stephen Hawking: There is no God, and no after-life
  212. Trump calls it quits
  213. I don't like Obama's proposal that Israel should return to its pre-1967 borders
  214. True Global Warming, scarier than Hell
  215. Treatment of Australian cattle in Indonesia (Halal or animal cruelty?)
  216. I wonder if their credit score took a hit
  217. Political crisis in INDIA
  218. Uh Oh!
  219. About my one diagnosis.
  220. Alabama is following in our footsteps
  221. The summer 2011 totally legitimate and like official atheist thread, endorsed too
  222. Synthesised cannabinoid elements now banned in Australia
  223. Cannabis and France (Daniel Vaillant FOR cannabis legalisation)
  224. Ryan Dunn, learn a lesson
  225. What I realized today
  226. Encouraging (IMO) justice news from the UK
  227. Oslo Tragedy
  228. Boehner's Debt Ceiling Speech
  229. Where do you draw the line between a good person and a bad person?
  230. Some bitch sues for having an injury while fucking a guy ... claims workers compensat
  231. America's Debt Ceiling
  232. Ramadan
  233. Nazca and more lines! :)
  234. London Riots, 3rd day and still going? WTF!
  235. Anonymous; Vigilante or ... Terrorist?
  236. The Entitlement Generation
  237. Gilad Shalit released from captivity after more than 5 years
  238. Qantas finally fighting against the Unions, gets battered for being a CEO
  239. Democracy be damned.
  240. Occupy Wall Street
  241. Why isn't Ron Paul doing better?
  242. 9's Plan to Turn Around the Economy
  243. Is American fucked now? Why bother having a bill of rights?
  244. Yet another Virginia Tech shooting, 2 dead (over now)
  245. Children watching television
  246. Sheriff Joe
  247. About Romney's chances to become the Republican nominee
  248. Help stop ACTA
  249. Why is Mary a paedophile?
  250. The slowly burning fuse