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  1. Vreel.net To Open Today......
  2. N.Y. attorney general forces ISPs to curb Usenet access
  3. Wi-Lan files patent litigation
  4. Aboot time: GOOG-411 comes to Canada
  5. Internet org paves way for hundreds of new domains
  6. Portugal Hands 3 Month Jail Sentence to First Convicted File-Sharer
  7. The end of Windows XP Monday
  8. 1 in 5 Canadian Men Played In The Nude
  9. Court orders YouTube to give Viacom video logs
  10. New Round of Vista SP1 and XP SP3 Vulnerabilities
  11. MPAA piracy stats: do they make sense?
  12. World's oldest blogger signs off singing aged 108
  13. Anti-BitTorrent Precedent Achieved in Canada
  14. The Pirate Bay Starts its Summer Tour 2008
  15. BitTorrent Host Loses in Court, Site Moves to Sweden
  16. Comcast Ordered to Stop BitTorrent Traffic Interference
  17. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.0
  18. Novell's de Icaza criticizes Microsoft patent deal
  19. QuebecTorrent Clone Outmanoeuvres Music Industry
  20. EU to Extend Copyright, Break Royalty Monopolies
  21. YouTorrent relaunches with focus on legal downloads
  22. Ubisoft releases no CD fix-stolen from the scene
  23. UK File-Sharers and the “Wireless Defense”
  24. Police Arrest Man Camming ‘The Dark Knight’
  25. ISP Secretly Copies BitTorrent Tracker Data
  26. Halite, a Fast and Lightweight BitTorrent Client
  27. Does BuckCherry Think The BitTorrent Community is Stupid?
  28. BitTorrent Users Seek Compensation from Comcast
  29. Warner Bros. moves against Web copies of 'Dark Knight'
  30. Net firms in music pirates deal
  31. MPAA Hacker Spied on The Pirate Bay
  32. After pirate lands in prison, software group hints at eBay lawsuit
  33. Internet Explorer 8 shipping this year, Windows 7 still on track
  34. July Crypto-Gram
  35. Microsoft: Very Good Results in Updating Vista Against Hacks and Cracks
  36. MPAA planning site to offer legit movie links
  37. Ex-Google engineers debut 'Cuil' way to search
  38. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.1
  39. Click here for first-run movies, MPAA lawsuits
  40. Nintendo Sues Over R4 Cartridges
  41. New RIAA Lawsuit Defense Tactic Challenges Copyright Law
  42. DNS Attack Writer a Victim of His Own Creation
  43. CCleaner v2.10.618 Released!
  44. Textbook Torrents Makes Long Awaited Comeback
  45. EFF Supports TorrentSpy in Electronic Privacy Case
  46. Warner Music says game makers need to pay up
  47. Olympic 2008: Beijing Begins!
  48. XP SP3 and Vista SP1 Hit with New Round of Critical Vulnerabilities
  49. µTorrent 1.8 Build 11758 Released!
  50. Internet firms admit to tracking users' behavior for advertising
  51. Banned Anti-Piracy Company Could Prepare a New Hit
  52. RIAA Pays $107,951 to Alleged Filesharer
  53. Thousands of file-sharers face legal action in UK
  54. ESA hires former RIAA exec
  55. Comcast will cut back some customers' speeds after FCC order
  56. Sidewinder X6 keyboard designed for PC gamers
  57. Will court ruling on take-down notices hamper anti-piracy efforts?
  58. Seinfeld to be pitchman for Microsoft
  59. Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2
  60. Blogger arrested over leak of Guns N' Roses songs
  61. Comcast 250GB cap starting October
  62. Microsoft warns of IE8 lock-in with XP SP3
  63. Google Chrome (Beta) To Be Launched
  64. Next "Patch Tuesday" to include 4 Critical Patches
  65. isoHunt Sues the CRIA to Legalize BitTorrent Sites
  66. iTunes 8, iPhone 2.1, 4th gen Nano expected Tuesday
  67. [Not News / Old] Could this be End for What.CD
  68. [Not News / Old] Araditracker BitTorrent Site Shutdown After Legal Action
  69. It's official: File sharing becomes a crime without punishment in Germany
  70. [TorrentFreak] OiNK Admin and Uploaders Charged
  71. Windows 7 Beta in December?
  72. Amsterdam Tests Residential 1Gbps Fiber
  73. Richard Wright: 1943-2008
  74. Senate Judiciary Committee Approves P2P Crackdown Bill
  75. Norbits Hackers Threaten to Release User Info
  76. EFF sues U.S. over NSA surveillance program
  78. 'Windows Cloud' to descend this month, says Steve Ballmer
  79. Windows XP gets another six months
  80. AMD Splits, Launches The Foundry Company
  81. Michael Moore on Slacker Uprising’s Piracy ‘Problem’
  82. IFPI Loses Another P2P ‘Wireless Defense’ Case
  83. Santa Cruz University Fights Back at RIAA
  84. Microsoft to issue 11 security patches on Tuesday
  85. Bush signs controversial anti-piracy law
  86. Newzbin's Legal Situation
  87. K-Lite Codec Pack 4.2.5
  88. Piracy Leads to Less Crap says BitTorrent Co-founder
  89. Obama to preside over White House 2.0
  90. IsoHunt Founder Gary Fung on Copyfight
  91. MGM first to post full-length features to YouTube
  92. Defiant, BitTorrent and NZB Sites Fight Back Against ‘Intimidation’
  93. K-Lite Codec Pack 4.3.1
  94. The Truth Behind Windows 7
  95. Law professor fires back at song-swapping lawsuits
  96. Pirated Windows XP fades to black
  97. Google Powered BitTorrent Seach Engines
  98. Yet another Kernel vulnerability found in Vista
  99. Symantec says Internet underground economy is organized and rich
  100. "Lunascape" Is Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer Rolled Into One
  101. uTorrent for Mac Officially Released
  102. The Pirate Bay Celebrates 5th Anniversary
  103. Atari Cancels Anti-Piracy Witch-Hunt
  104. Anti-Piracy Lobby Defeats European Democracy
  105. Server 2008 & Vista SP2 RC in February, RTM in April
  106. Will uTorrent Really Kill the Internet?
  107. Yahoo's sad, sad state
  108. Movie Industry: London ‘Fake-Free Zone’ by 2012
  109. BitTorrent Site Pwns Anti-Piracy Outfit
  110. Cash demand over 'porn downloads'
  111. BREIN threatens RARBG, site to move to Sweden
  112. U.S. sues Sony Music over children's online privacy
  113. Anti-Piracy Outfit Shuts Down 75 Torrent Sites
  114. BitTorrent hooks up with Oversi
  115. Woolworths closure to cost Ubisoft £1.3m
  116. MPAA Fears Economic Downturn Will Boost Piracy
  117. OiNK Admin and Uploaders Appear in Court
  118. FireTorrent Brings BitTorrent to Firefox
  119. Microsoft releases security update for Internet Explorer
  120. Copy of RIAA's new enforcement notice to ISPs
  121. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 4.4.2
  122. The Pirate Bay Launches Free Mobile Video Converter
  123. BitTorrent Crash Linked to Military Satellite Hack
  124. IXtreme 1.5 LiteOn - BenQ - Samsung - TEAM JUNGLE
  125. Happy Holidays from FileSharingTalk Crew!
  126. dTunes reaches 1 million downloads
  127. K-Lite Codec Pack 4.4.5
  128. Newshosting Increasing Retention to 250 Days, Expanding Member Benefits
  129. 'Y2K9' bug hits 30 GB Zunes
  130. Mininova’s Torrent Downloads Double to 7 Billion in a Year
  131. Astraweb Trumps Giganews' Retention
  132. Torrent Relay - The Cure for BitTorrent Blockage
  133. Scene stealer: The aXXo files - Modern Day Robin Hood
  134. How to Get Your Windows 7 Beta 1 on Jan 9
  135. Windows 7 Beta Rollout Fails Without BitTorrent
  136. Unfinished Dr. Dre, R.Kelly and 50 Cent Track Hits BitTorrent
  137. Franz Ferdinand Sends Web-Sheriff After Pirates
  138. In Internet First, RIAA File Sharing Hearing to Be Webcast
  139. YouTube muting unauthorized music videos
  140. Oscar-Season Movies You Shouldn’t Have Access To
  141. 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die: Torrent Edition
  142. History of Usenet
  143. The March toward Higher Usenet Retention
  144. K-Lite Codec Pack 4.5.3
  145. RIAA Scared of Court Case Webcast
  146. UK ISPs to Become Piracy Cops
  147. Music industry urged to embrace the Internet
  148. Italy to Follow French 3 Strikes Model for P2P
  149. All Major Canadian ISPs Slow Down P2P Traffic
  150. Numbering The Days Until BitTorrent Dies
  151. Isle of Man Proposes Unlimited P2P for 1 Euro a Month
  152. CNN Uses P2P Plugin for its Live Stream
  153. OiNK Uploaders Sentenced to Community Service
  154. Google plans to eradicate PCs
  155. Senate Approves Delay in Digital TV Transition
  156. The Pirate Bay Gets Ready for Court Case
  157. Virgin Scraps Plans for Legal P2P
  158. UK will not legislate on piracy
  159. Joint effort against music piracy agreed in Ireland
  160. EC will force users to pick a Windows browser, says Microsoft
  161. Google Joins Fight Against BitTorrent Throttling ISPs
  162. Broadband 'in every home by 2012'
  163. Microsoft Charges Employee With Spying
  164. Gears Of War PC Hits Expiration Date
  165. One in Three Broadband Subscribers is a Pirate
  166. Get Into 200+ Private BitTorrent Sites
  167. Cox to Begin Throttling FTP, P2P, and Usenet Next Month
  168. Windows 7 Versions | Six To Be Exact
  169. ThePirateBay used as Wikileaks backup "server" after $1B Report
  170. Pirate Bay Trial Audio Will Be Streamed Online
  171. K-Lite Codec Pack 4.6.2
  172. Core i7 is one percent of all Intel Consumer CPUs
  173. Microsoft Plans to Open Retail Stores
  174. PeerGuardian: What P2P Mods Say
  175. The Pirate Bay Press Conference
  176. IBM files Matrix style bullet dodging patent
  177. Half of charges against the Pirate Bay dropped
  178. PreVail Cammer Arrested
  179. IFPI Website Hacked, Boohoo!
  180. Message to the world from Pirate Bay
  181. Day 4 Of ThePirateBay Trial
  182. Path of Illicit DVD Amounts to File Sharing on Steroids
  183. Norwegian Communist party voices support for Pirate Bay
  184. Google wants to join EU case against Microsoft
  185. Microsoft Targets users of Pirated Vista Ultimate
  186. How To Kill The Music Industry
  187. Hey, Warner, Leave those Kids Alone
  188. Vuze Contemplates Top Secret Project
  189. The Pirate Bay - Innocent or Guilty?
  190. Audio Watermarks Locate Camcording Pirates
  191. MPAA Study Links Piracy to Gangs and Terrorists
  192. Defense Contractor Leaks Obama's Presidential Helicopter Plans to P2P
  193. Metallica’s Lars Ulrich ‘Pirates’ His Own Album
  194. Large Pirate Topsite Raided in Sweden
  195. Scum Wants You To Post Fake Torrents (For Money)
  196. iXtreme 1.5.1 LiteOn - BenQ - Samsung - Hitachi - TEAM JUNGLE
  197. Norwegian State TV Launches BitTorrent Tracker
  198. Google Privacy Blunder Shares Your Docs Without Permission
  199. Windows 7 Has Secret 'Off' Switch for Internet Explorer
  200. Windows 7 has the ability to disable more than just IE8
  201. P2P Client Does a Deal With the Devil
  202. Top Artists Strike Back at Greedy Music Labels
  203. isoHunt Takes on the CRIA in Court
  204. Giganews Announces ‘365 Special’ and Commitment to 365 Days of Retention
  205. Astraweb says "STFU" Giganews! Upgrades To 365 Days!
  206. Windows 7 Is Great for Gamers, Forget XP or Vista, Says Microsoft
  207. SXSW 2009 on BitTorrent: 6 GB of Free Music
  208. Movie Goer Searched For Camming Kit, Threatened Over Candy
  209. Retention Wars Heat Up
  210. BREIN Plans to Move against NZB Sites
  211. Internet Explorer 8 Arrives on Crowded Browser Scene
  212. Apple now offers HD movies via iTunes
  213. Canada Survey: File-Sharing the ‘New Normal’
  214. Vuze Update Brings Video to any Screen - Except the Wii
  215. The Pirate Bay Announces IPREDATOR Global Anonymity Service
  216. Can Mozilla escape a premature endgame for Firefox?
  217. Controversial copyright violator provision struck down in New Zealand
  218. Disaster! No One Pirates Or Downloads Our Music For Free
  219. AT&T Begins Helping RIAA Fight P2P
  220. Metallica Seeking Help from Pro-File-Sharing Trent Reznor?
  221. K-Lite Codec Pack 4.7.5
  222. Fake Security Software Scammers Jump on Conficker
  223. $250K Microsoft bounty to catch worm creator
  224. No problems so far as April Fools' computer worm awakens
  225. Australian ISP Defending BitTorrent-Using Subscribers in Court
  226. Conficker D-Day Arrives; Worm Phones Home (Quietly)
  227. Piracy law cuts internet traffic
  228. 'Wolverine' leak: Hollywood's mixed response
  229. MPAA President to be Thrown Out
  230. Teens Buying Fewer Digital Tracks and Using P2P Less
  231. MPAA Enjoys Another Year of Record Profits
  232. In dead of night,16 French lawmakers approve bill punishes accused downloaders
  233. Linux game console beta opens, includes 100 test units
  234. Nintendo rolls out new DSi in USA
  235. Is Wolverine Leak Investigation Causing Collateral Damage?
  236. Epic Prereleases
  237. Online columnist for FOX fired for X-Men review
  238. MPA Set to Challenge Newzbin Usenet Indexer in Court
  239. YouTube Might Offer Full-length Films from Sony
  240. South Korea Adopts the ‘Three Strikes’ Policy for both Individuals and Sites
  241. iPhone 3,1 to have Broadcom BCM4329, 802.11N/5GHz Wireless, FM transmitter/receiver
  242. GM and Segway plan electric two-wheeler
  243. Firefox takes 35% market share in Europe
  244. Anti-piracy Law Leads to Massive Growth in VPN Services Sales
  245. Windows 7 build 7105 (RC) Milestone reached?
  246. HADOPI, French "three strikes" law rejected!
  247. Conficker wakes up, updates via P2P, drops payload
  248. BREIN Forces NZB-Portal.nl Offline
  249. New Plug-in Helps BitTorrent Users Protect Their P2P Privacy
  250. BBC Gets Ready for BitTorrent Distribution