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i have my own, only allowing PSX, PS2 and Xbox games at the moment though and its very easy to set up. Mine is VIP and Private only to upload torrents but anyone can download of it. At the moment its about 99% complete im just waiting to get a new url for it so i wont post it here.

Go to www.filesoup.com for the program, but this is what Hyrle wrote about it.

Welcome to the Filesoup TrackPak. TrackPak is simply our cool name for BNBT setup in a pre-configured state that allows anyone with minimal computer experience to run a full-featured BitTorrent tracker.

The default configuration of the TrackPak is for a public tracker with a 100 file capacity running with maximum compression for slow bandwidth lines. The public is able to upload files to your tracker and use it to track whatever they wish - up to 100 at a time until you delete them.

- Windows-based computer
- 8 MB of RAM
- Static IP address (Dynamic IPs reek havoc on centralized systems)
- Full access (non-NAT/firewalled) for por 6969. Most firewalls can be configured to allow open access to those ports.
- Ability to have your computer on and online 24 hours a day.
- Broadband connection (ISDN or better) with constant connection (obviously occassional downtimes do happen, but it should be just that - occassional).

Simply download the TrackPak.zip available at Filesoup.com's forums. Extract the zip file to C:\bnbt

*** PLEASE NOTE: Changing folders is not recommended unless you feel like changing your paths in the BNBT configuration file. ***

There is no installation per-se, just download and unzip and follow the directions below for first run. It's then ready to go.

Before running the TrackPak, it's advised that you set a few settings in the file C:\bnbt\bnbt.cfg:

Every place where you see (IP ADDRESS), replace it with your IP address or a valid DNS name for your address. If you do not know your IP, visit
http://www.whatismyip.com. Please be sure to leave any /announce or /filesoup.css after replacing the IP address.

For example, if your IP address is, your configuration file would go from this:

bnbt_force_announce_url = http://(IP ADDRESS)/announce
bnbt_style_sheet = http://(IP ADDRESS):6969/file.html?file=filesoup.css

bnbt_force_announce_url =
bnbt_style_sheet =

Then, you're set to roll...Run the batch file labelled Start BNBT. Your tracker will be up and running at http://localhost:6969
(or replace localhost with your IP address). The batch file can even be copied to your Startup group in your Start Menu if you want your tracker to automatically startup whenever you start Windows.

The default setup for the TrackPak trackers requires that every torrent file using your tracker needs to be uploaded to your tracker. The built-in upload
function allows folks to do that. Every torrent file that they upload lands in c:\bnbt\torrents by default. If you wish to remove any file from your tracker, simply
delete it from your c:\bnbt\torrents folder and it will not display in your tracker list the next time your tracker reparses (within 10 minutes by default.)

Closing down your tracker is as simple as closing the BNBT window.

The BNBT config file included with Filesoup sets your comptuer up to run a public tracker with a 100 file maximum. Anyone may upload files and utilize your tracker using this
configuration. If you wish to change this default configuration, it's recommended that you consult the readme.txt file inside the c:\bnbt folder. It will explain all the options
included in BNBT and what changes you can make to your bnbt.cfg file to meet your needs.

The TrackPak includes all the files you need to run a tracker, but it's recommended that, in order to get people using your tracker, you get listed on Filesoup's Tracker Network. You can do this by making a post on the Tracker Network discussion forum. In this post, please discuss any policies you want to have on your tracker - what types of files you want
distributed on it, how many files, whether or not it is public, VIP-only, or totally private, and also a name you want to give your tracker.

A sample of such a post with the info that applies to teh Excelsior tracker is as follows:

Tracker Name: Excelsior
Type: Public
Number of Files: 100
Types of Files: Any / General Purpose
IP Address: Same as I am posting from (or put in your IP if you are posting from a different computer)

You can include any other info you wish to include in this post. Hyrle will then look to be sure your tracker is running properly and is using the Filesoup CSS file. He will then approve it (assuming all conditions are met) and assign you a tracker URL (usually based on the name of the tracker. If your tracker is named Hound, it would be http://hound.filesoup.com) You would then go into your c:\bnbt\bnbt.cfg and replace your IP address with the new Filesoup URL and restart your tracker. As soon as Hyrle confirms your tracker is running at the new Filesoup URL, it will be listed as an official Filesoup Network tracker

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very useful info

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very useful info

thanx Torrenty too..

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Are you just doing this shit to annoy the hell out of people or are clueless?

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http://filesharingtalk.com/vb3/synapse_kt8c/statusicon/post_old.gif 07-15-03, 04:44 PM

Are you just doing this shit to annoy the hell out of people or are clueless?

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