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07-17-2003, 11:21 AM
I've got these files to exchange by ftp(I've got 256 kb uploading connexion) if someone is interested in:

Here is my E-mail :chirac_et_coruption@hotmail.com

Movies in english:/Films en anglais:

100 Girls.

2001: A space odyssey

8 Miles.

Ace Ventura 2: When Nature calls

A clockwork orange

American Pie.1&2

Austin Powers:Goldmember.

Austin Powers:International man of mystery.

Austin Powers:the spy who shagged me.

American history X.


Blade runner.

Bridjet Jones'diary.
(Le journal de Bridjet Jones).

Bowling for columbine.


Black mask.
(avec Jet-Lee).


Cannibal Holocaust

Catch me if you can
(Attrape moi si tu peut)

Chicken run.
Collateral damage.
(Avec Arnold Schwarzeneger).

Cannibal holocaust.

Chinese conexion.
(Avec Bruce Lee).


City-Hunter(staring jackie chang)
(Nicky Larson)

Cruel intentions
( Sexe intentions)

Dead poets society

Doctor Dolittle 2.

Dracula.(By Wes Craven)

Dune(Only cd 1&2 / 3 )


Escape from Alcatraz.
(Les échapés d'Alcatraz).

Fight club.

Forrest Gump.

Final fantasy.


Gone in 60 seconds
(60 secondes)



Independence Day.

Islam-Empire of faith part III

James bond:Tomorow never dies
(Demain ne meurt Jamais)

James Bond: Her majesty secret service.
(Au service secret de se majestée)

James Bond: Die another day.
(Meurs un autre jour).

James Bond : Licence to kill.
(Permis de tuer)

James Bond: Octopussy.

Jurassic Park 3.

Jason X

Jackass The movie.
(Le film)

(Les dents de la mer)

Lion King II

Mission to Mars.

Men In Black 2.(Back in Black)

Mad Max 1,2&3

Moulin Rouge.

Me myself & Irene
(Moi, moi-même et Irene)

Mummy's return.
(Le retour de la mommie).

Notting Hill
(Coup de foudre a notting hill)

Oz 49 601 Dead man talking.

Requiem for a dream.

Resident evil





Starship Troopers.

Scary movie.1&2

Doggy-Style By Snoop-dogg (Crapy screener)
(Film de boules de Snoop-Dog ) Mauvaise qualité.

Taxi Driver.

The silence of the lambs.
(Le silence des agneaux).

The lord of the rings,The two towers.
(Le seigneur des anneaux,Les deux tours).

The time machine.
(La machine a remonter le temps)

The great dictator.
(Le dictateur, de Charly Chaplin).

The fifth element
(Le cinquieme element)

The usual suspects

The godfather:part1&2 (2 cd/part)

Toy story 2

The sixth sense
(Le sixième sens)

Thug Angel.The life of an outlaw Cd1
(Documentaire sur la vie de 2Pac)

What women want.
(Ce que veulent les femmes, Avec Mel Gibson).

Zombie Flesh eaters

+Episodes (Tv programmes):

Films en français:/Movies in french:

L'auberge espagnole.
(de Cédric klapish).

Taxi 3.

Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain.


Le pacte des loups

Les Bronzés

La classe americaine (de Les nuls)


Le placard

Le transporteur (de Luc Besson)

La Haine


Mission Cleopatre

Le boulet

Les rois mages


Resident evil

Les Robins des bois sont des cons

La cité de la peur

+Un tas de sketches:

+Un tas de logiciels assez utiles, et un tas de MP3.

Films en espagnol/Movies in spanish:

El hijo de la novia

Los otros

La edad del hielo

Lucia y el sexo



Films juifs/Jewish movies:

La verité si je ment 2


Hitman 1&2

Age of empires ( middle age / moyen age)

Rage Rally


-Would cost me a lot of work to enumerate
my whole collection.Sorry.

-Des tas.

07-17-2003, 11:26 AM
We all exchange movies but call it filesharing ;)
make nice sig2at files from your files and putthem in your shared folder, we will do that to... So we can "exchange" files. :)

07-17-2003, 11:40 AM
I can't put them all my hard disk is only 40 Gb.

I usually let on my shared folder the last ones i've downloaded from k-lite.and let like 128 kb of bandwith for people who want to download my files.

About this I would like to know something:Does it slow down my donloads if I raised my upload bandwith to the maximun? (I've got dsl with 512kb for downloads & 256 for uploads)

07-17-2003, 11:45 AM
PS: Could you tell me what is the big deal with you anti ketchup campaign?