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01-04-2008, 08:54 AM
A brief into: I am a movie freak, seen so many that I thought most of the ones that were released before august were last year lol

I wrote alot of the comments as jokes, but used this symbol :excl: as a quick star instead...so enjoy, laugh, and feel free to post reviews for movies I missed, its late and im too lazy to look up anymore that I have seen so far. Ill add more in the next few days including a few limited release movies.
here is a link to all movies released to theaters this past year:

Movies with this: :frusty: are just so bad...

*explanation of heartbreak kid: I watched this with my girlfriend, and we just were so frustrated with it because the mistakes he would make were sooo bad that noone in real life would ever do that, it just went a little too far, if it didnt try to choke my laughter out of me, it would have been decent...but it was just too pathetic
*I am Legend: This movie didnt live up to the hype, didnt follow the orig at all, basically was will smith walking around for 1 hour and 15 minutes, then the rest of the movie was decent action. The movie ended the same way the Mist did, pretty f'ing lame if you ask me. All the good stuff was in the previews for it.


ps. its not letting me post enough images, so halfway through it goes from :excl: to $

1408 :excl:: even steven king fans were upset at the horrible adaption
28 weeks later:excl::excl:: liked 28 days better
30 days of night:excl::excl:: a interesting twist, wish more history about the vamps though and more dielect between them
300:excl::excl::excl::excl::excl:: All i can say is get and HDTV at 1080p and watch this and transformers
3:10 to yuma:excl::excl:: 2 hours have gone by and we havent reached a destination with this film
Alpha dog:excl:: ya no, this was just horrible
Alvin & Chipmunks:excl::excl::excl:: Good for the kids, bring some beers for you then it will be hilarious
american gangster:excl::excl::excl::excl:: definately worth watching
August Rush:excl::excl::excl:: Interesting movie, good actors, but robin williams wasnt funny
AVP 2:excl::excl::excl:: Cool, but youll be a little pissed that thers not more predator space ships and what not
Awake:excl:: what you will not be if you watch this movie
Balls of fury:excl::excl:: its so pathetic you laugh at it in the negative kind of way
Bee movie:excl::excl::excl:: good for the kids, bring the beer
Beowolf:excl::excl::excl:: Good adaption of the story, Angelina is hot, graphics...so so
blades of glory:excl::excl::excl:: funnyish, but Talladega was funnier
blood and chocolate:excl::excl::excl:: if you liked underworld, this was a less action version
breach:excl::excl::excl:: good action movie like spy games and that sort
bridge to terabithia:excl:: bla sucked horribly, trying to copy other movies
Charlie Wilsons war:excl::excl::excl::excl:: And thats why I wish we practiced Isolationism here in the US
Code name the cleaner:excl:: Cedric the entertainer, didnt entertain me
Dan in real life:excl:: go back to fictional life in the office
Death at a funeral:excl::excl:: And death in the movie theater, although some parts were funny
delta farce:excl:: I think my iq dropped from watching this
Dragon Wars:excl::excl::excl:: Surprise from S. Korea...decent watch, cheesy story though
Enchanted:excl::excl::excl:: Damn it disney, its past the age of snow white and Cinderella
Elizabeth the golden age:excl::excl::excl:: eh ok i guess
evan almighty:excl::excl::excl:: wanted this to be good, but first was better
Fantasic four: silver surfer:excl::excl::excl::excl:: PG, they intentionally made it PG so less fighting...so crappy as hell
Fred Claus:excl::excl::excl::excl:: A story about brother hood, and my mom thought only my brother and I acted like that...
Freedom Writers:excl::excl::excl::excl:: Were ok at writing, but left wanting more...
Ghost Rider:excl::excl::excl:: Good, wish cg was better for the skull head
Golden Compass:excl::excl::excl::excl::excl:: Good rendition of the story, as long as you are not a religious nutbag, you can be religious and watch it you can be a nutbag and watch it but you cant be a religious nutbag and watch it.
Good Luck Chuck:excl::excl::excl:: She is hot what else do I need to say
Grindhouse:excl::excl:: Big let down
hairspray$$$: john travolta dressed as a fat woman...thats all im going to say
hannibal rising$: very disappointing
Happily N'ever after$$: funny voices, a few beers and flying midgets = good for kids and dad now
Harry Potter OOP$$$$: Goodish, very slow at times though
Hitman$$$: Better then the doom movie
hot rod$$: not hot at all
I am legend$$: Orig was better, plus all the action was in the previews...f'ing lame.
I pronounce you chuck and larry$$$: thought it would be hilarious, was funny...not hilarious
Knocked up$$$$$: f'ing hilarious
license to wed$$$: somewhat funny, the little kid was hilarious
Lions for Lambs$$: Tom Cruise, so Scientology sucks...its like pay to leech except pay to pray
live free or die hard$$$$: Sweet, but 2nd was better
meet the robinsons$$$$: good for kids
Michael Clayton$$$$$: very good movie that slipped under the radar
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium$: What?! ...exactly
Mr. Woodock$$$: Bad santa was better
National Treasure 2:$$$$: First one was better
no country for old me$$$$$: very good
next$$$$: love the concept, could have been done better though
norbit$$: sorry eddie murphy, this movie wasnt funny as your others
Ocean's 13$$$$$: Way better then the second, but first is still my fav.
P2:frusty:: a movie about a parking garage...did they seriously think this would make money?!
pathfinder$$$$: Good movie gladiator meets norse
Pirates of Car. at worlds end$$$$: Makes me want to be a pirate and rape a pillage a village
PS I love you$: PPs, this movie sucked.
Ratatoullie$$$$$: Yumm food....plus good for the whole family
Redline$$: They recked a f50, so the movie sucks now
Resident Evil Extinction$$$$: Alice is hot so watch it, plus she kicks some zombie ass
Rush Hour 3$$$$$: Better then the first, not the second
Saw 4$$ another one...cmon
Shrek 3$$$$$: Better then the first, second is the best
Shoot em up$$$$: I didnt know what was going on but the action was nice
smokin aces$$$$: good shooter movie, was funny along with some nice action
spiderman 3$$$$: if you start watching it after the first 30 minutes of bs love story..then its kick ass
Stardust$$$$$: A definite must if you got a lady friend
Stargate Ark of Truth$$$$: Good for a general watch, if you are a stargate fan youll be happy but want the series to come back after watching it
Stomp the yard:frusty:: lame....
surfs up$$$: good for the kids
Sweeney Todd$$$$: Interesting, recommend the watch, little obvious ending though...too much Shakespeare
The astronaut farmer$$$$: I liked it, wish I could build one
the bourne ultimatum:$$$$$: great
The brave one$$$: this is like a women power movie, bc its a chick shooting guys the whole movie with a gun...yikes
The brothers solomon:frusty:: The first movie I have turned off after 10 minutes...First EVEr.
THe game plan$$$: good if you have a daughter
The Great Debaters$$$$$: No debate here, great for you and great for me.
The heartbreak kid:frusty:: Second movie I have ever turned off after halfway through
The Hitcher$: Scary sort of, but copy of plenty of other horror movies
The Kingdom$$$$: Was made in arizona about 10 miles from where I used to live, some decent action, better then other movies that have been coming out lately
The last Legion$$$$: I liked it
THe last mimzy$$$$: interesting idea, even if it was a kids movie..
the lookout$$$$: good movie
The Mist$$$: if you read it, youll hate the ending...so cliche
The Number 23$: Jim carrey cant be in a horror movie...its a man law.
the seeker: darkness rising$$$: Good for the kids, not for little little ones
The waterhorse$$$$: sounds like a porn to me...na its good for the kids
TMNT$$$: Whyd they make it a cartoon!? wish it wasnt, although it was still good.
Transformers$$$$$: Its transformers
underdog$$$: Good for the kids, plus a funny midget
Walk Hard$$: Youll say to yourself: Talladega nights was better
War$$$$: Jet li is a God, dont dispute it
wild hogs$$$$: funny for old people

01-04-2008, 12:30 PM
Is this only for Hollywood movies, or are Asian movie reviews allowed?

I kinda left the mainstream Hollywood movies behind and have grown a huge interest in Asian movies.
In my opinion some of the Asian movies are way ahead of the Hollywood movies, I guess that's why
a lot of movies are remaked in Hollywood!

01-04-2008, 01:36 PM
Damn, have you really seen all of that? you really are a movie freak :P
thanks for your reviews, although I disagree with some

01-04-2008, 06:48 PM
Fantasic four: silver surfer could of been better. I made a hip-hop album off of silver surfer. Called "Silver Surfer Chronicles volume 1 and 2. Anyways i seen probably about all of them. 300, the kingdom and transformer tops the list of best movies in 2007

The ending to "War" was horrible. Yea Jet Li was ill though. I'm still waiting for Jet Li and Jackie Chan to star in a movie together. I have all their old kung-fu films from the 70's.

01-04-2008, 08:52 PM
Have to checkout Michael Clayton :|

R5 isnt out is it ?

01-04-2008, 10:24 PM
I'm still waiting for Jet Li and Jackie Chan to star in a movie together. I have all their old kung-fu films from the 70's.

Then this is what you have been waiting for:

Lools NICE :P

01-04-2008, 10:27 PM
jet li would destroy him
jackie chan is kiddy movie kung fu nowadays

01-05-2008, 04:28 PM
noooowayyyyy are you serious ?! have you really seen all this movies ?!
you are really love movie aaa ..
anyway thanks for the review ..

01-05-2008, 05:40 PM
those are just the ones i could remember lol, i watch about 2-4 movies a day while im at work/college

01-05-2008, 06:48 PM
Hehe, you're just like me then, well, I only watch about 1 movie a day, but still ;)

Nice list though! Appreciate your effort!

01-07-2008, 04:12 AM
Dayumm fatty.....that's a hugee list man :D

I seen like maybe 10 out of them :lol:

The best I saw this year was Transformers I would say......the worst SpiderMan 3

01-07-2008, 04:30 AM
I see you gave The Bourne Ultimatum a good review. I been wanting to watch it but the guys at work were saying how bad it sucked when they went to watch it in the theatres. I will take your word for it and watch it sometime this week.

I think a good combonation in a movie would be Jet Li and Tony Jaa (Ong Bak/Protector)
Only problem would be it only being a ahort film instead of full length movie because alone they kick ass in a room full of 25 plus people. Together they can clear out a full soccer stadium.
Speaking of soccer have you seen the movie Green Street Hooligans with Frodo from lord of the rings. I been wanting to watch that too since I have it just laying around.