View Full Version : Two Tickets to Paradise

01-21-2008, 04:11 PM
IMDB Plot Outline :Although life hasn't turned out the way they once dreamed, life-long buddies Mark, McGriff and Jason are managing to stay above water in their small Pennsylvania hometown. Mark, whose fleeting college football glory has morphed into a dangerous obsession with gambling, McGriff, the beer truck driver who has never let go of his rock-n-roll aspirations, and Jason the high school Valedictorian working as a clerk in an office supply store. After the death of Marl's Dad and McGriff's discovery of his wife's infidelity, the guys embark on a cross country road trip to a football game, boozing and misbehaving every step of the way. They finally discover what is really important: in this crazy, uncertain world, the one thing we can count on is our friends.

Just finished watching this movie and i have to say i am impressed. The movie was full of emotion and depth, yet still contained good solid comedy.
The plot was simple and straight forward delivering a very clear message, which in my opinion could have turned out ALOT worse. The acting was exceptional, being a big fan of John C. McGinley's work i was really happy with his performance. All the characters were believable, and easily represent the common stereotypes. The acting was what really made this movie shine, and the three main leads really pulled through for this movie. Enough of me talking, i would highly recommend you to see this.

01-22-2008, 03:44 AM
will check it out....