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Mr JP Fugley
02-16-2008, 04:30 PM
What's Techland S.p.z.o.o.

I couldn't work it out amongst all the drivel in your other thread.

02-16-2008, 04:32 PM
It's a game development company mate.

At least I think it is.

02-16-2008, 04:35 PM
And it's Polish too which kinda worries me.

Not that there's owt wrong with Poles per se.

Mr JP Fugley
02-16-2008, 04:36 PM
I take it they are referred to in this lawyers letter you received. S.P.z.o.o. would be a Polish company or certainly East European of some description.

Now I'm forced to ask myself how either got your details from BT given that in order to do so they have to get round the Data Protection Act.

What did they say in the letter, specifically with regard to how they got your details and what they are basing this 500 on.

02-16-2008, 04:37 PM
Give me a few minutes, JP.

I'll transcribe some of the juicy bits.

Mr JP Fugley
02-16-2008, 04:37 PM
Contact Details

Company Name

Techland Sp. z o.o.

ul. Zolkiewskiego 3
63-400 Ostrow Wlkp
Phone Number

+48 71 341 76 95

Mr JP Fugley
02-16-2008, 04:38 PM
Techland is one of the leading Polish developers and publishers of computer software. Originally a software publisher, Techland commenced in 1997 in-house development of video games and applications, but retained its strong position as a publisher.

Currently the company's most recognized product is Call of Juarez, a PC and Xbox 360 game, the first title fully supporting Direct x10. Published by Ubisoft.

Currently Techland's staff of over 80 people is working hard to bring more next-gen titles into the market. The most recent projects are an open-world FPS – Warhound, survival horror – Dead Island, and a sequel to an acknowledged series – Chrome 2.

Something Else
02-16-2008, 04:46 PM
Cheeky Cunts


02-16-2008, 04:50 PM
Our client is in possession of evidence that on the following UK date(s) and the following time(s), all or part of 'the work' was made available from the named IP addresses using the following protocols, specifically for the purposes of being downloaded by third parties.

Blah blah...

pursuant of a High Court order, the internet service provider, BT, indentified you as the subscriber to their network associated with their network associated with that Ip address on the date and time in question'

That was only a wee bit on the first page. As I said, it's a fucking tome. It gets better.

Bear with me.

02-16-2008, 05:00 PM
We enclose the following documents which were used to ascertain that you were the person responsible for the internet connection used at said dates and times.

1. one page 'statement report' supplied by our forensic IT experts, Logistep, in relation to IP address.

2. extract from spreadsheet sent to your ISP, BT.

3. copy of the letter to BT(with personal details removed) dated 8th Nov 2007

4. extract from spreadsheet received back from BT

5. Notes on Evidence.

6. order of the Chief Master Winegarten dated 17 Dec 2007

7. Code of practice for Pre-action conduct in Intellectual Property disputes.


And there's more...

02-16-2008, 05:07 PM
Skipping a few pages of utter shite...

How The Settlement Figure is Calculated.

The sum of money claimed is not the amount that would be claimed in the event that our client commences proceedings against you. Damages and costs are likely to be far greater than this sum. It is the sum that our client is prepared to accept (on this occasion only) by way of settlement to help defray it's costs if you are prepared to give the undertakings sought and enclosed with this letter and settle the matter early as paying the compensation claimed in this letter. The amount is broken down as follows...

Loads of bureaucratic bollocks then ensues...

02-16-2008, 05:11 PM
They attached a copy of the letter they sent to BT.

I don't see anywhere in it that BT are obliged to give out my details, though.

Fuck sake, it's like wading through shite.

02-16-2008, 05:13 PM
BT even gave them my fucking phone number. FUCK.

Mr JP Fugley
02-16-2008, 05:16 PM
I've copied this from another place. It's translated from Italian but I think the main sense is still there. It discusses amongst other things Techland and the specific game, Logistep, some software they are said to have developed and how they may be getting IP addresses.

Remember but, this is from the internets.

Attack At P2P

Kids this document originated from the need to inform as many people as possible on what, in recent months, is going to file sharing. We want to raise awareness as many people, and try to spread our message in every practicable way. We therefore hold that this document can travel on Emule, attrezzeremo us to be translated into many other languages so that the world knows what we are going scempio meeting!

But what this scempio? Why this title and why so much concern?

It all began when the Logistep, switzerland software company, has invented a program, which thanks to the modification of a version of Shareaza, gave the opportunity to those who used to track the user that a file discharge, in practice this program carry out surveys on who uses p2p networks, and download what it know the IP address of malcapitato if it did use illegal file sharing, whether downloads copyrighted material.
This program has served the German label Peppermint, which has found in the network (mainly on Emule) many users to download material of their artists, these people have been identified 3636 Italians who discharged a mp3 of Mousse T. (Just an artist who works with the Major German). It is successor takes a dispute with Telecom which the Germans required to make known the names of the owners of IP addresses indicted, the dispute has gone on for more than a year and had his epilogue to the Court of Rome, where the judge has imposed on Telecom to the public appointed by the holders of IP crimes.
Following this judgement, the Peppermint through a law firm in Bolzano, sent a notice to all 3636 users suspected contestandogli (in its own way) and forcing the offence to pay an amount of 300 to repay the losses suffered in promising (in a misleading, because the pay does admit guilt, and then for this admission can be processed) not to appeal in court against them, making them promise also not to download material protected never belonged to that society!
Some users have paid, giving reason to Logistep, whose actions fall huge sum, the same Guarantor Privacy has emerged against this "scempio", and Senator Fiorello Cortina (always attentive to the world of P2P) was activated because this phenomenon is not ignored. Who has paid has surrendered, but we must not do so, it is necessary that we are fighting for everyone, for those who bowed their heads and those who want justice!


And 'perhaps right that a company switzerland, illegally, because the police themselves, before making investigations of this kind must seek authorisation, we are in spulciare between our computers, without having asked permission to any authority nor us? And 'then perhaps fitting that, with the arrogance that imposes itself a despot, to be intimarci to pay a sum of 330 for something that has yet to be proven (there is the possibility of crime, but not the established crime)? And 'Maybe just that s'impauriscano, with the threat of summons to court for non-payment of the sum, families and children, without being in any way protected by the competent authorities? And finally, is it right that there is, throughout Europe, someone who has the power to monitor any computer user and see what they are downloading and what are its interests, without any authority to do so?


We must, my dear, perhaps to be done, because this first wave of letters they are going to follow others, always by Peppermint, for another mp3, and a home video games for the Techland game Call Of Jurez, will be the other 3000 Italians affected by these letters! You want to stand by and watch or give you finally be done? Turn off Emule serve there, the data have already been taken, we must fight for these procedures are considered illegal and that similar initiatives are not repeated, because it is at risk all over the world P2P, and why even though scaricaste material free of Copyright, my dear, however verreste filed, and there is monitorerebbe however, looking for an excuse to close forever P2P.
Some people have already mobilized, we have mobilized for you. Come and visit these sites

The right to privacy is sacrosanct, if someone has committed offence is right that pay due, and not 330 for a single mp3, we must be united and fight for not ending up in the clutches of these torturers! United we will succeed, but we need everyone, and especially you, please turn this document and with whom you can speak. Next to comment for your shared files write "discharged attack on P2P, we are in danger", put in turn release and make the document more than you can!

P2P! Born to Be Free

Below is a detailed list of what is happening to the world of P2P and what we are facing users of file sharing:

Here it is,

Important! For further information and update on the issue go here:



It began with almost 4,000 letters in which Peppermint calls 330 euros compensation to users of Telecom Italy, educated to share files in this small German company record. Users were identified through a software Logistep switzerland (Peppermint used on peer to peer networks) and with a judgement of the Court of Rome. The Telecom which has forced Italy to reveal the identity of users on the basis dell'Ip and other data collected by Peppermint.

We discover now that this was only the beginning: at the Court of Rome were filed three similar precautionary procedures, in order to discover the identity of users of Telecom, Tiscali and Wind. One by even Peppermint and two of the Polish game Techland. If the Court, even in this case, give reason to Peppermint, expect other letters arriving compensation to Italian users.
Meanwhile, it was discovered that the Court of Rome, between the end of April and beginning of May, had ruled the CDV and Peppermint to be delivered by the provider names of thousands of people who downloaded two games and CDV another Mp3 of Peppermint, always on the basis of Ip originally supplied by Logistep.
And again, the firm that manages the affair of the letters spoke of other claims came to his studio.

They are the first cases of its kind in Italy: far the recording industry has avoided to request compensation from us, and is passed directly to denounce you. Peppermint instead promises not to denounce it, if they pay and deletes files. Although the letters from the other houses are currently not yet arrived, the same goes for them too, since the Peppermint is the only leader.

However, there are two issues to consider. The first is that we, unlike that in other countries, this is a crime punishable office by prosecutors (without complaint partisan). It means that Peppermint not pay it unless the user is a risk, which remains standing for the next five years: to be called in the dock in court on action pm. This is highlighted by the Andrea Monti (expert in computer law and now defender of a thousand of those 4,000 users) and Altroconsumo.

The second question to consider, which could sparigliare cards, is the intervention of the Privacy Guarantor. He decided to form judgement for all new cases of this type, delivering the Court its assessment. He will say words in the coming days, as if done by Peppermint or not infringed the privacy of users. It is an element that could change the balance of forces in the field, which is why many are waiting with bated breath now the opinion of the.

It must be said, however, that those who choose not to pay Peppermint yes threatens any complaint and the seizure of computers and the process, which however would open outcomes, because the evidence collected so far by an expert Peppermint partisan do not try to objectively and much more volatile (users may have already eliminated so sure those files from your computer). Same speech for other companies, and CDV Techland, which seem in the process of sending new waves of letters to the Italians.

Uncovered other proceedings style Peppermint approved by the Court of Rome

At the end of April the court of Rome has given the OK to be CDV for the provider to the names of 1,849 Italians who have downloaded its games.

27.04.2007 CDV Software AG Entertament Provider versus 5
Http://www.logistepag.com/Urteile/3ppm% 20gegen% 20provider27.4.07.pdf

26.04.2007 CDV Software AG Entertament Provider versus 4
Http://www.logistepag.com/Urteile/ppm 20gegen%% 20provider26.04.07.pdf

So now are preparing letters to be sent to Italy 1849, which will be shipped in the coming months.

How volevasi demonstrate, the complaints go first to other European countries and then arrive in Italy.

The games affected are or appear to be:
Codname Panzers Phase 2 of CDV (only for wind?)
The Glory of the Roman Empire of CDV (only for Tiscali / Telecom?)
ISPs are interested in wind or Tiscali Telecom (the distinction is whether or Tiscali Telecom)

In late April / early May the court in Rome gave the OK to be Peppermint for the provider to disclose the identity of Italians who downloaded an mp3 (if different from above).

02.05.2007 Peppermint Records Provider versus 8
Http://www.logistepag.com/Urteile/ppm 20gegen%% 20provider2.5.07.pdf

27.04.2007 Peppermint Records Provider versus 7
Http://www.logistepag.com/Urteile/ppm 20gegen%% 20provider27.4.07.pdf

27.04.2007 Peppermint Records Provider versus 6 (damaged file was overwritten with the CDV)
Http://www.logistepag.com/Urteile/2ppm% 20gegen% 20provider27.4.07.pdf

Possible providers: everyone, without exception, since no data provider 6
Possible MP3: ingnoto, has been censored, it is probably the song kakande james who had success with festilvalbar 2006

So now are preparing letters to be sent to at least 1500 Italians, to be sent shortly (no exact number of persons, the file Peppermint against Provider 6 is damaged).

Total Italians involved in these measures: more than 3300

Please note that these proceedings are final and the case before Techland (Call of Juarez) and Peppermint (another mp3), which has yet to be given the judgement by the Court of Rome.

The specifications (in English) Logistep surveys for the purposes of the famous Claims, with officers working as there are in this document concerning a case foreigner:


WARNING: You may providers submit claims that may delay the sale of names of a few months (at the moment we do not have any concrete track appeals).
Please note that the provider had submitted complaints against the first request of Peppermint, that of 3636, letters, but the Court of Rome has rejected claims by requiring providers to provide the names to Peppermint, as you can see from these documents:

Http://www.logistepag.com/Urteile/ppm 20gegen%% 20provider19.8.06.pdf

Http://www.logistepag.com/Urteile/ppm 20gegen%% 20provider27.9.06.pdf

Http://www.logistepag.com/Urteile/ppm 20gegen%% 20provider1.3.07.pdf

The fact that complaints are miserably failed push providers could not present this time, unless you want to count intervention of the guarantor.

Where to find the measures that have been disclosed by the parties accusatorie:


%% 20th http://www.antipirateria.it/Ital/Pirateria 20leggi.html

Here are the secrets of surveys Logistep: totally inefficient, but who has judged?

In the specific network run (in English) Logistep surveys for the purposes of the famous Claims, with officers how they work:


It appears evident that the judges have tried without (incredibly) realize the obvious inefficiency and unreliability of the programme of Logistep.

Carryover the advice of a lawyer who was on p2pforum nick as "obiter dictum"

This documentation can be seen quite clearly that we can not determine the duration of the connection and the time during which the offer was sharing
Moreover, it's not solved the problem of fake who tells me that the file so appointed is what? Where is the control code HASH?
Finally, and for me this is very important, the file has been shared in its entirety or in part?
I think in any civil trial, this is a rather serious discriminatory, for the reasons I have already explained in the past.
Ll technicality procedure and the program may have made balenare that prima facie case (for me anyway to be checked thoroughly in a case with so many and such consequences) and then impress the judges who generally have no specific competence, especially in the absence of contradictory and then in the absence of exceptions that are not based solely on legal aspects.
Only in this way can we explain the acceptance by the Court of Rome instances of Peppermint.
There is deep regret that the Privacy Guarantor shall not be formed in various precautionary procedures already concluded or the court has not heard a duty to provide a consultancy Technology Office on the validity of the programme.

What are tracking in Europe

Based on data supplied by the Germans
In Europe are monitoring:



EDonkey2000 Network
Gnutella1 Network
Gnutella2 Network


Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
EDonkey2000 client Link (EFTP)
Coupling BitTorrent (BT)

P2P/FTP Clients

P2P eDonkey2000





XBT Client
Bit on Wheels
Direct Connect
Opennap usw

Summary of the situation in Europe

In Italy these are the first cases of "persecution mass" for use of P2P.

But the German experience says it will others, and maybe someone will be curious to know what cover, to be in some way "notice".

Premetto that this list is not the place to sow terror, but to get ideas on arriving other letters, and learn not to preoccuparcene. And because there is something about "known" to be given advance notice and take its precautions (Germany in the few people who have had large were frisked and found in flagrante with the files indicated). The criteria to carry out a search (and eventual seizure PC for a few months) appear to be related to the number of files shared, if it is less than 500 were there, but they are always initiated by the authorities on his own initiative. If arriving letters like this, where a lawyer called the destruction of evidence of a hypothetical crime, it means that the hypothesis of crime has already been examined and closed with not pursued by the authorities.

With regard to the letters, it is estimated that 50% have paid (without receiving anything in return); those who do not pay and does not respond, usually receives a second letter, sometimes a third, slightly more threatening and amounts increased, then everything is finished in silence by the various law firms.

Below is a list of "society rilevatrici" (h yes, there is not only our friend Logistep), charged with files on its letters, the "holder of Rights", and the amount requested "amicably" by their legal (whose names I do not, because both operate only in Germany) from 2005 to the present. Ometto files that do not concern us (eg German singers), but the original list - in German - are here.

Detector: Logistep AG (Switzerland)
Software used: "File Sharing Monitor 1.3.1"

08/2005: Glaushaus-Drei (German Band), 3P, 300, -
12/2005: Earth 2160, Game, Zuxxez, 200, -
01/2006: Conflict Global Storm, Game, Eidos, 300, -
03/2006: Warren G - In the Mid-Nite Hour.mp3, Peppermint Jam, 300, -
03/2006: Roachford - Word of Mouth.mp3, Peppermint Jam, 300, -
07/2006: Total Overdose, Game, Eidos, 300, -
08/2006: Codname Panzers Phase 2, Game, CDV, 300, -
09/2006: Mousse T vs. The Dandy Warhols - Horny as a dandy.mp3, Peppermint Jam, 300, - (have already raised prices by us!)
12/2006: Easy2sync Outlook for Data + software, ITSTH, 300, -
02/2007: The Glory of the Roman Empire, video games, CDV, 350, -
03/2007 (UK): Dream Pinball 3D video games, Topware Interactive, 340
04/2007 (Germany and France): Call of Juarez, video game, Techland, 350, -

Detector: CopyRight Solutions GmbH (Switzerland) (<- hopefully not to your knowledge)
Software used: "Black Widow"

10/2006: Titten Teans Nr.7 (Porno) Purzel Video, 250, -
10/2006: Ich brauche das Geld - Purzel hilft! (Porn), Purzel Video, 250, -
11/2006: Die Goere 3 (Porno) Purzel Video, 350, -
12/2006: Masturbation Nr.3 (Porno) Purzel Video, 250, -
12/2006: The Guild 2, video games, KochMedia, 150, -
01/2007: Secret Files - Tunguska, video games, KochMedia, 150, -
01/2007: Gothic 3, video games, KochMedia, 150, -
04/2007: Wahrhammer-Mark of Chaos, video game, KochMedia, 150, -
05/2007: Rush for Berlin, videogame, 150, -

DigiProtect (Frankfurt, Germany), the first company to anti-piracy act without the intermediation of a law firm received orders directly from the court for user data by ISPs.

05/2007: various porno film (Keller der Perversionen, Omas Semen Jungbrunnen, Heiss geliebt mit Haut & Haar, Orgasmus statt Schulaufgaben), 485, Mick Haig Production Bochum

ProMedia detector (Hamburg, Germany) for the GVU (Producer games and film)

2006: was the heaviest wave with different penalties depending on the kinds of "criminals":
-- "First Seeder Kill" who first entered P2P in a film;
-- "Facilitators" operators of P2P servers;
-- "Release groups" and their subscribers;
-- Market border with the Czech Republic;
-- Auction houses
Result: 1900 notifications, 1400 searches, more than 500 thousand hard disk seized (source: www.gvu.de).
Important: In this case, the authorities acted office, no letters have arrived since the individual reports not related to a file, but hundreds of different files.

There are also 3 cases of books illegally distributed in the form of "E-Book" and "punished" with 866 - , whose cases were recorded manually with a client P2P (and this is a truly think that anyone of us could write the IP address of those who are sharing their holiday photos on P2P, and spedirgli a letter in which he knows which denies violation).

Some Germans have received letters not for the content but for p2p "protected" in their personal sites.

However, as you can see, there is some 'all music, software, games, porn film (and there may be more embarrassing receive a letter!), And the cadences of the "waves of letters "tightened enough.

It is not certain that problems on these files come here, but for some it is likely (in France it is time to "Call of Juarez", for example), then perhaps those who have any of these, you can start rid.

However, after all these waves the council, the majority of whom it has lived, including those who first paid for fear is: if you have more than 1000 files shared fate house in ... But not paid, do not answer.

The concern, rather, is that in 2 years, Germany has failed to get rid of the problem, Logistep has received some soldino (in March 2007 has been installed in a real home, the first was only a plate on a dwelling house), and continues quietly to fill holes letters. C and do it ourselves?

There is certainty of 10 cases arrived in court at 5 the accused has admitted his guilt, otherwise the application has been rejected for various reasons (in one case even Peppermint Jam has failed to demonstrate that they have the right ' author for the works of Warren G.); eligibility software Logistep has never been taken into account, because it was not down to this level of detail, and the case was rejected for various vices more coarse.
Many Germans have started proceedings against the firm that has sent letters.

Here is a summary list of struggle that another brand of music and video games have begun in France, Great Britain and Germany.
-- Production: Techland (Polish)
-- File: video games Call of Juarez
-- Company rilevatrice: Logistep AG
-- Law firm: Cabinet Elizabeth Martin
-- Compensation requested: 400 euro
-- 5000 people
-- Letter notice in pdf:
-- Production: Topware Interactive (American), Zuxxez (German)
-- 2160
-- Company rilevatrice: Logistep AG
-- Study Disclaimer: Davenport Lyons
-- Compensation requested: 349 pounds
-- Letters legal asked: 500 people
-- Letter notice in pdf:
-- Production: Zuxxez (German)
-- 2160
-- Company rilevatrice: Logistep AG
-- Study Disclaimer: Schutt & Waetke, Kornmeier & Kollegen, Urmann & Wagner, Rasch
-- Compensation required: 250/350 euro
-- Letters legal asked: 20000 people
-- Letter notice in pdf:

Note: what produces Techland, the first customer of Logistep, also intends to persecute the Italians:

FIM Speedway GP
Chrome SpecForce
Xpand Rally
GTI Racing
FIM Speedway GP 2
Call of Juarez
Xpand Rally Extreme

Then are producing
Chrome 2
Dead Island

Client Logistep: possible systems for not being "bugged" (eMule users)

The only way to avoid being traced by Logistep is using PC:
"Connections allow only clouded"

Which is a temporary method to avoid logistep clients, which use a program called: The "File Sharing Monitor version 1.3 which is a modified version of the client network EDonkey and Gnutella program Shareaza version 2.1.0
This will give VERY safer but reduces the sources and speed in half, because they are excluded all P2P that have not enabled blurred, the old PC version, modified versions of emule, who uses edonkey and other clients (including Logistep which the client).

Allow only clouded connections:
If this option is enabled, eMule and will only accept connections clouded. Clients who do not support this function are ignored, normal incoming connections will be rejected and the automatic connection to the server connections use only clouded. You should only choose this option if you know that the protocol is completely blocked ED2K from otherwise lose rallenterai sources and eMule. Otherwise if you know that eMule is blocked then enable this option is recommended, because it saves connection attempts to be certainly failed thus saving time, overhead and resources.

As you know, logistep not using software with the ability to use clouded connections, so if you enable Allow only clouded connections will be cut off PERMANENTLY

In addition it is wise to use the Peerguardian 2 with activated only list LEVEL1 and RANGETEST, with the limit also lists spyder and spyware
Moreover, we must also use the updated list for IPFILTER PC, enabling the appropriate option to activate it.
These filters, PG2 and IPfilter, reduced by 10% the sources available, but they are necessary. The other lists are useless if you use a firewall and an anti-virus, not to mention that some lists blocking an infinite number of IP innoqui.





Finally, you need to download only what they need, not things that are not needed, that you do not want or do not have time to enjoy ever, because the more we download more's the risk, even taking Fake dangerous.

Never download any product Peppermint, Zuxxez, CDV, Eidos, Topware Interactive, KochMedia.

So you should be in place.

Fareste well to make known to other things, because they are important.


The upgrade of IP FILTER EMULE does not eliminate the monitoring by the C or P eer R ight A gency!
Indeed blocked only the IP that sends messages but not what people downloading tracks.

If used peerguardian 2 and download files Italians out there a long series of ip block of C or P eer R ight A gency!

The story also applies to the same files for which left messages that were blocked by the update IP filter. In this regard seems effective only Peerguardian 2

This course addresses the problem of tracking only temporarily because those who carry out such monitoring is free to create a program that is based on a modified version of emule allowing the blurred, which, as you know, might already have been made.

Specific client Logistep you can see here:


They schifezze unsaleable product and now seek to recover money tormentando people

There are persecuting throughout Europe for material of good quality but SPAZZATURA which has not sold not because people have downloaded, but because WERE SCHIFO.
Take the Mp3 of Peppermint, a few DJ, who was so crazy to buy those songs?
Take 2 games of the CDV, who was so crazy to buy those schifezze, inter alia photocopy of hundreds of games in circulation.
Not to mention the games they demanded repayment abroad and which probably will do so in italy. Who would be so stupid to buy one of schifezza Dream Pinball 3D and shareholders?
Even those who voted for them downloaded them erased immediately after seeing what was disgusting.
There are games almost decent, but not sold because the market was much better, as the case of Total Overdose, Gothic 3 and Call of Juarez.

1) They produced schifezze or overcome things
2) rightly their products have not sold
3) They want to build spillando money on who uses P2P
4) They found chickens is between those who use the P2P that those institutions gives them power to do what they want

The disgusting is the largest TO THE SHOULDERS, ie without notifying strike to avoid certain consequences, without sending messages about what is likely downloading those schifezze.
Everything just to make money and go on.

Soon we will all be blackmailed

Anyone who has used the P2P will sooner or later the letter which says that either you pay a certain sum to a foreign company or is reported, for the fault of all those people who only talk thinking that it's something that not their concerns.

The case dell'Mp3 of Peppermint is just the beginning for Italy, for example:

At the Court of Rome, to the state, pending at least 5 precautionary procedures introduced by Peppermint and Techland against Tiscali, Telecom and Wind.
Hearings are set between this month and the month of July and decisions, hence long, until the summer to get made.
It was then discovered that other procedures approved by the court in Rome against Italian who downloaded two games of CDV and another Mp3 of Peppermint.

I think the shameful disinteressamento of almost all people using P2P, which ultimately backfire.
Sooner or later everyone here will end in court for having downloaded this or that thing, but the only ones who do something concrete were only SOME concerned by the letter and a few others: all others are limited to express their opinion or simply disinteressarsene

Mr JP Fugley
02-16-2008, 05:19 PM
They attached a copy of the letter they sent to BT.

I don't see anywhere in it that BT are obliged to give out my details, though.

Fuck sake, it's like wading through shite.

Never mind obliged mate, they probably aren't allowed to unless there is some form of Court Order or official request from a law enforcement agency or prosecuting body. Need to check the DPA about that, see earlier.

Don't take it as being read that BT gave out your phone number or stuff, depending on whether you are ex-dir it's not that hard to find out if they already have your name and address.

02-16-2008, 05:29 PM
Thanks JP. That's fucking brilliant.

Seems these fuckers have got their work cut out. Only ten cases have made it to court by the looks of it. 5 of them admitted guilt and the rest got tossed out.

Some great links on that post. I just really scanned it there. I will need some time to digest.

Thanks again.

Mr JP Fugley
02-16-2008, 05:40 PM
Point is old bean that in the UK filesharing for non-commercial reasons is a civil matter and not criminal. As such they would need to sue folk and there's little or no chance of that. So they try to bully people into paying.

The main thing to remember in such cases is.

1. Postage, is it first or second class.

2. Is it recorded delivery.

People who send things second class and not recorded are generally flying the proverbial kite.

Most importantly don't admit to anything or mitigate your actions. That's just asking for hassle. Go with the ignore thing for now is my suggestion. There'll be plenty of morans who will draw the fire.

02-16-2008, 05:52 PM
Good advice, well taken.

The letter was franked 1st class but it certainly wasn't recorded.

There seems to be a 'legitimate' legal document which was also sent to BT from The High Court Of Justice- Chancery Division directing BT to disclose the info.

So, I reckon that's above board but what the fuck do I know. Wish it wasn't so mind-numbingly tedious to read.

Mr JP Fugley
02-16-2008, 06:20 PM
Having checked another letter http://torrentfreak.com/images/20070414093506062-1.pdf it almost certainly was a pukkah order, issued by the correct people http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Court_of_Justice (see Chancery Division). However that action was in relation to about 15 ISPs and Telewest alone sent a bill of about 18,000 for supplying the info.

Probably means that the Order was in relation to tens of thousands of IPs and not in relation to just one.

From reading the submissions (speed reading really) it appears they gave evidence of the system and how the IPs were identified. The Master then ordered the ISP to provide IP details. Interestingly Master Behrens appears not to be listed currently. http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/cms/chancery.htm

Something Else
02-16-2008, 06:24 PM
If it wasn't recorded, did it ever arrive. :unsure:

02-16-2008, 06:33 PM
Yep, the order listed 13 other ISPs. Appears fairly generic.

The Master in this instance is Winegarten.

Balaclavas are go.

02-16-2008, 06:34 PM
If it wasn't recorded, did it ever arrive. :unsure:

:unsure: :rolleyes:

Mr JP Fugley
02-16-2008, 06:43 PM
If it wasn't recorded, did it ever arrive. :unsure:

:unsure: :rolleyes:


01-28-2009, 10:38 PM
So, that was February 2008. Did they nail you?

01-28-2009, 11:11 PM
I read a piece in the Grauniard very recently that one of these firms (perhaps the same one) had sent out letters demanding payment for breaching copyright on some German gay pron movie. The old couple in receipt of one of the letters were baffled and weren't sure what a download actually was. The Grauniard tackled the firm who replied that no one who was innocent had anything to fear. Feck knows what that means. Banking on the guilty coughing up? :idunno:

Proper Bo
01-28-2009, 11:14 PM
Oh come on les, we know you know what a download is.

01-28-2009, 11:15 PM
Oh come on les, we know you know what a download is.

But I paid :(

01-29-2009, 12:39 AM
Got a letter last June (just before I left before my exceptionally shite holiday) saying that I wouldn't hear from them further until I get ram-raided by an apocalyptic summons, like.

Since then, I haven't heard a whisper.

Prolly cos they're full of fucking bollocks and they don't have the money or fractal legislation to set European legal precedents.

Or something entirely fucking else.

01-29-2009, 09:58 AM
Banking on the guilty coughing up? :idunno:

Exactly right. People generally would pay up rather than appear in court and explain why they were downloading hard-core german farmyard porn :pinch: