View Full Version : Fake malware alert on skype!

04-27-2008, 07:24 AM
hi all!

well, the skype login window, popped into my screen suddenly last night, with this "warning":

ATTENTION ! Security Center has detected malware on your computer !

Affected Software:

Microsoft Windows NT Workstation

Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0

Microsoft Windows 2000

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows Win98

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Impact of Vulnerability: Remote Code Execution / Virus Infection / Unexpected shutdowns

Recommendation: Users running vulnerable version should install a repair utility immediately

Your system IS affected, download the patch from the address below ! Failure to do so may result in severe computer malfunction.


of course, i did suspect something foul, but in my day-end reverie, i wasn't alert enough, and i did click the link to the site.

it opened to a window with a "check" being done on my computer for what it claimed to be "malware" content.

After a few seconds, a window opened with the message that five files needed to be cleaned, and atleast here, i was not stupid enough to say "ok", so i cancelled.

I am now wondering if any harm would have already been done? or did i get out in time? i did run a manual check of all my drives with mcafee right away, and it said i was safe. but i still want to be sure.

also, is there any way of making sure this doesn't happen again?

in case you're interested, there is some stuff about this here (though to my disappointment, it says nothing about those that did click on the site, and only cancelled later):


cheers! :)