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By Place

Possible date for the Battle of Mons Badonicus: Romano-British and Celts defeat an Anglo-Saxon army that may have been led by the bretwalda Aelle of Sussex (approximate date; suggested dates range from 490 to 510). Note: This battle may have influenced the legend of King Arthur.
Possible date at which Fergus Mór begins his reign — the historicity of Mór is doubtful.
Approximate beginning of the Heptarchy period in the history of England.
Approximate year of the founding of the Kingdom of Essex.
The Frankish Kingdom is formed.
The monument of Ale's Stones is built in Sweden.

Emperor Xuanwu of Northern Wei China becomes sovereign of the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Uxmal is founded (approximate date).

Traders from southern Arabia settle in northern Ethiopia.


Erzhu Shilong
Procopius, historian (approximate date)
Theodebert I, king of Austrasia (approximate date, could also have been 495)
Theodora, empress of Byzantium
Tribonian, jurist in the Roman Empire (approximate date)
Bhavaviveka, Indian Madhyamaka Scholar


Zu Chongzhi, Chinese mathematician

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Sepsex, stay out.

Mrs. Muldar, you rotten cawk. Leave the illustrations for your own threads,


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I suspect he's seeking external validation for reaching a meaningless landmark. Juxtaposing it with meaningful things.

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I suspect he's seeking external validation for reaching a meaningless landmark. Juxtaposing it with meaningful things.

You mean the obvious connection between the Battle of Mons Badonicus, or teh creation of the legend of King Arthur, and my attaining fife hundred postes?

Are you blind, man?

Bow down to yer king. I'll assemble the round tables nooe.

Sir Bench, permissive granted.

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Sir Bench, permissive granted.


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