View Full Version : Lordi's Dark Floors

07-04-2008, 07:29 PM
Watched this with lots of hope after reading some misguiding reviews at IMDB expecting another fun movie in the lines of Silent Hill or The Botched.

Oh Boy the movie sucks so bad within few minutes of the start:frusty:

Synopsis: A group of people trapped in a hospital with a Autistic Child(very annoying acting you will ever get to see from a child in silver screen)including the child's father.when they try to explore ways to get out the hospital they are attacked by mysterious spirits(worst costume/make up/special effects u will ever see in a horror film).The autistic child seems to be having some sort of connection to all these

The movie has got one of the dumbest survival group you can see in a horror movie(with all cliched dialogues)

this is supposed to be a horror movie i still have not found one scene which can be considered in Horror standards(if badly rubber masked fella trying to attack a guy can be classified as horror then it has many such scenes)

Please avoid this piece of Crap at any cost:frusty:

(Note:I don't know who the hell lordi is but they just stink in the movie very badly with their poorly made up costumes, bad script and not to mention one dimensional acting from the actors.Try The botched or silent hill for better experience)