View Full Version : Smallville Which season?

08-29-2008, 11:01 PM
I was a big comic book fan (in my youth) and Superman a comic book hero I read alot. When Smallville first aired I started watching it (i.e Season 1, Episodes 1-3) I kinda thought it was a bit lame so I stopped watching it. I have recently though been quite intrigued by the trailers for the current Season (on UK TV now) with what looks like Bizzaro, Green Arrow and Black Canary (?).

So my question is what Season should I start from if I wanted to get back into Smallville?

I'm kinda thinking that the first couple of season's might just be about Clark growing up and discovering his powers etc? As I know all this anyway I was hoping I could skip them without affecting any future plot lines.

Thanks for any response in advance.