View Full Version : Roundhouse kicks are so romantic - Here’s the first ‘Love Fight’ trailer

09-01-2008, 11:36 PM
Maybe I’m immature, but there’s just something about an unexpected punch in the face or kick to the head that’s undeniably amusing. The brand new Love Fight trailer has both, as you can see for yourself after the break.
The movie is based on a novel by Eri Makino called “Seibo Shojo”. Izuru Narushima (http://www.nipponcinema.com/tag/izuru_narushima/) (Midnight Eagle) directed and Takao Osawa (http://www.nipponcinema.com/tag/takao_osawa/) (also Midnight Eagle) served the dual role of supporting actor and producer. The story involves a boy named Minoru (Kento Hayashi (http://www.nipponcinema.com/tag/kento_hayashi/)) who’s always been a bit of a weakling. Throughout his childhood his spunky female friend Aki (Kie Kitano (http://www.nipponcinema.com/tag/kie_kitano/)) watched out for him and protected him from bullies. One day he meets Osawa’s character who trains him how to box. Then when he finally gets stronger than Aki she decides to take up boxing herself, which obviously drives him crazy. Predictably, the mutual boxing obsession brings up all sorts of strong new emotions between them.

The official page with the trailer:


Sounds like fun