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09-12-2008, 03:51 AM
If I gotta choose a torch bearer for the next kick ass actor in Hong Kong actioner, Wu Jing would easily be high on my candidate list. Some pop singer/actor who attempt to pass off as the raising new action star doesn’t cut it for me whereas Wu, who trained in martial arts since he was young, has believable on-screen fight presence and charisma as already proven in SPL, Invisible Target and Fatal Contact. In the much awaited martial arts thriller Legendary Assassin, Wu will also get a chance to display his directorial chops for the first time, alongside action choreographer Nicky Li. Based on the trailer, the sweet action scene further validate why I believe Wu is the real deal. The rest of the cast member include Celina Jade, Kou Zhan Wen (a fellow Wushu teammate of Wu), Alex Fong and giant wrestler Jiang Bao Cheng.


mr. nails
09-13-2008, 05:02 AM
awesome! thx for the heads up. keep the eastern trailers a comin'!

looks to be an interesting film. "now this is martial arts" idk, but it does look good. imma def give it a go.

09-13-2008, 11:51 PM
International trailer with more fight scenes and english subs plus naration


who ho hooo