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10-19-2003, 12:11 PM
Oh man I can't stop laughing. At ebaums world they got these new(??) GI Joe editings. They have voice overs well...


Its some funny ass shit!

You'll have to download it, but its small.

Sorry if its been posted before.

You may not find it funny, but I hurt my abbs.

EDIT: I remember seeing those gi joe things up for a few weeks I think, but never wanted to go to em.

GI JOE (http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=gijoe-computer.mov)

GI JOE 2 (http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=gijoe-reggae.mov)

GI JOE 3 (http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=gijoecarnival.mov)

GI JOE 4 (http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=gijoeice.mov)

GI JOE 5 (http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=gijoenosebleed.mov)

GI JOE 6 (http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=gijoe-porksand.avi)

GI JOE 7 (http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=gijoebodymassage.mov)

I find 6 and 7 the funniest. If number 6 doesn't work, you need DIVX

10-20-2003, 05:12 PM
porkchop sandwiches

10-21-2003, 06:11 AM
Yea I thought that one was pretty funny. Laughed for an hour.

"Porkchop sandwiches!" "oh shit what the fuck are you doing, get the fuck out of here, go get you stupid idiot get the fuck out of here, go get the fuck out..."

"mmm that smelled good" "dete c I do things you tell me to i run you tell me"

GI Jooooooe.

Who wants a body massage?