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02-09-2003, 03:28 AM
I was just wondering. Are there...

- Afro-Europeans
- Afro-Canadians
- Afro-Australians
- Afro-Iraqians
- Afro-Africans

Help me out here somebody. Is this Afro thing something that is only in the USA? I would assume if it is, then there must be something like White-Americans.

It may not be bizzare to see the "Asian" channel on cable TV, or it may not be bizzare to find the "Black Entertainment Channel" (BET) on cable TV. You may even find a womans' network on TV, but God forbid, why isn't there a "white guy" channel on cable TV. Or is that too BIZZARE?

How about some feedback from other countries.

02-09-2003, 05:08 AM
#1- it's African-American or Black.

#2-it has everything to do with the fact that all those slaves were brought over and free slave labor lead in part to America being a super-power, all that money saved by not paying people and owning them and all that. So here in the states, there is an awareness about that stuff, and still is a sensitive subject.

That and the horrid racism they have had to endure as a people over the years. Women could vote, white women, but blacks could not. In WWII most of the blacks who served were relegated to driving trucks.

Segregation, lynchings, etc. So it may indeed be unique to America.


02-09-2003, 08:06 AM
...hmm Something to think about Superjude.

During my entire lifetime, I have never seen a slave or even felt negative towards other races. Perhaps we should not dwell on this slave thing from the past (but not forget it), and concentrate on the positive things we have today.

I love those Asian girls. Something about them, but the Asian guys all look the same.

Interesting, though. I can trace back my family roots several generations. It turns out that I am 1/16 American Indian (from both sides of my parents). The rest of me is "white", I guess. If you call Irish white. Actually caucasin, mayonaise is white. I am border-line Indian, meaning that I can qualify for certain grants towards education and other things, but I have managed to get myself through schooling and college, and have a great job, all on my own.