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12-09-2003, 09:15 PM
in europe we have the court of human rights and these people are totally in favour of the general public, to give an example they say speed cameras impede your rights. if the lawyers tried to screw someone they would be shown the door over here thats why there have been no cases they are scared to do anything, just wait and see its the americans that are going to get roggered, they will not dare to touch europe.

12-09-2003, 10:04 PM
Originally posted by spanishpete@9 December 2003 - 23:15
ithats why there have been no cases they are scared to do anything, just wait and see its the americans that are going to get roggered, they will not dare to touch europe.
There have been no cases because the laws are just starting to change regarding p2p and copyright in europe. Give it time and I am sure you will see them. Just be patient ;)

Europe will only not be touched if they all decide to move completely away from america and it's influence. Unless Bush really gets worse (assuming he's re-elected), I am sure europe, or most of it will fall in line.

Lets just hope america gets smart before too many people get hurt.


12-09-2003, 10:30 PM
in europe you dont seem to understand,there is no pressure from outside. this court has on a regular basis gone against goverments and won,they are a law unto themselvs, if a test case arose and the big boys were challenged they would lose this is why they dont try it on in europe. its only aol thats havving a rattle at the moment and they are in bed with the devil. please belive me the last thing these people want is a test case. i am afraid that its you americans that are gonnna get the crap and i feel for you but i think at the end of the day tou will have your way.

12-09-2003, 10:37 PM
Originally posted by spanishpete@9 December 2003 - 23:15
to give an example they say speed cameras impede your rights.
Maybe I'm still not understanding but I also live in europe. Recently my wife was caught by one of these cameras. They did not seem too concerned about her rights when they ticketed her :lol:

Maybe you can explain a little more, because I have seen nothing to convince me that europe will not crack down if enough pressure is put on them.


12-09-2003, 10:44 PM
it is a violation of your rights for the police to ask who was driving the car at the time. most people just put up their arms and admit it. you can get away with murder if you just deny it and challlenge them to prove it in court.

12-09-2003, 10:55 PM
Yeah, sure. But only if the photographic evidence does not prove it for them.

Even in the states they wouldn't fine you for speeding if they could not prove you were driving.

But I have seen recently, comercials or at least a news show about filesharing and the consequences here in germany.

I would love to think I will be safe here, but I don't believe it for a minute.

12-09-2003, 11:03 PM
ask yourself one question why are the big boys not throwing their weight around in europe as in america when this ie europe is their biggest money making market. the price we pay for stuff is pound for doller. why then answer its because they are shit scared of the european court of human rights. if a test case arose they would be totally screwed.

12-09-2003, 11:12 PM
Do you really think the big boys in america are not throwing their weight around?

Remember this whole thing with sueing people in the states is new. It is just a matter of time before their influence is strong enough that they start moving into europe in mass through their european counterparts.

Remember, I didn't see the whole thing but I did see them discussing p2p and the results on tv here in germany. Showed a man cuffed and walking to his prison cell with the caption having to do with the results of p2p. Not in english, but in german.

I would love for you to provide evidence of some kind to set my mind at ease believe me.

But I think our only hope is for europe to hold out long enough for the states to wise up and find an alternate way to settle the whole copyright issue.

Oh yeah, do you really think Bush is afraid of the european court of human rights? If he believes p2p is a bad thing you had better watch out ;) :lol:


12-09-2003, 11:22 PM
No cases of Filesharing prosecution in Europe yet but there have been cases of ISP's sending cease and desist messages. If the RIAA are successful in there attempts to slow down and stop filesharing then I think we will see some form of court action in Europe and non U.S countries. Its worth bearing in mind that there are countrywide organizations that are similar to the American RIAA and its not out of the question that all of these organizations work together and pool resources to present an effective attack against filesharing (it depends on how serious they are about tackeling filesharing).

12-09-2003, 11:23 PM
look the only people that are being nicked are proper pirates who sell for a profit stuff they have got from the internet at car boot sales ect. and these tossers deserve it. when it comes to proper sharing when no money changes hands its a different story. we could talk about this all night i just want to say i dont think people in europe have anything to be worried about. ps i live in spain and no body is worried down here.

12-09-2003, 11:33 PM
sek612 havent you noticed europe hates america. i am not talking about the people of europe but the goverments. if the big boys from the american film music
companies start to throw their weight around in europe they will go home with a bloody nose the european courts will side with the consumer every time.
this is why nothing is happening now because they know the score.
europe isint scared of a fancy suit layer

12-09-2003, 11:39 PM
The thing is, they wouldn't go in without the backing of the us government. That is who will influence europe. Not a bunch of money hungry riaa/mpaa lawyers, but a bunch of power hungry us government people.


12-09-2003, 11:52 PM
gods teeth nobody seems to understand just how powerful the court is. it is totally independent of any goverment anyware in the world and if any pressure is put on it it will do its best to go the other way. you must understand it is 100 per cent pc and will not be bothered by goverments or big buissness this is why we have been free of the pressure you americans are getting.

12-10-2003, 12:15 AM
http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/mpapps/pagetools...sic/3022170.stm (http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/mpapps/pagetools/print/news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/music/3022170.stm)

Interesting points:-
I live in the UK, but US computer users will be able to access the songs I share on file-swapping networks. Will the RIAA sue me?

No. The RIAA's UK equivalent, the British Phonographic Industry (BPI), says this is a US action that is affecting only music downloaders in the US because international laws are different. The RIAA cannot take action against people outside the US.

Is the BPI planning to sue UK users?

It has said it will not rule out suing individual users, but that it would be a "last resort". The BPI says it is currently trying to educate people - including sending out leaflets to colleges and large business - to tell people where they can download music legally.

It also says using peer-to-peer services risks downloading viruses. But if the RIAA's actions are successful, a similar system could be on the cards for the UK.
I feel if the RIAA tried hard enough they could force organizations like the BPI (and their equivalents in other European countries) to take action.

As for Europe hating the U.S. Yes alot of people dislike the U.S Government but not all governments are anti U.S. Countries like the U.K and Spain have both backed the U.S Government in its recent actions (even if France and Germany didn't).

Also remember there has been alot of activity in Europe regarding filesharing (including closing down of the doa2.host.sk K++ link - which is Germany based). In time we could see large sharers being picked up in European countries (once again it all depends on the RIAA's success and whether this emboldens them and other countries to take similar action).

12-10-2003, 12:27 AM
never never never europe is a big pot of prime swill that all the pigs have their snouts in and they wont dare to do anything that will remove the pot, these people are scared of no goverment but they are terrified of the court of human rights that will rule against them if they rock the boat. the european court is head and shoulders above any goverment in europe they are totally dedicated to personal freedom, and i am not blowing their trumpet, just saying how it is.