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12-15-2003, 08:24 AM
Okay, so I decided I would try to make a vcd for the first time, and i wanted the quality to be good, so i decided, why not kvcd? After reading the tuts. i found on this forum, especially this excellent one by muchspl2: http://klboard.ath.cx/index.php?showtopic=68852&hl=kvcd

Okay, so that tutorial showed me how to take a video file (I'm assuming mpeg or avi, not sure) and convert it into a kvcd file (kvcd mpeg?). Okay, so I now that my APEX AD-1200 dvd player supports kvcd's, and i currently have 9 of the 10 band of brothers eps. So I want those burned, all of which i'm pretty sure are avi files in divx form. So do i use muchspl2's tut to convert those avi/divx band of brothers ep files into kvcd or is there another tut for converting avi/divx files? if so, where? that's part 1 of my problem. assuming i convert the avi/divx files flawlessly, how do i burn them? do i use nero? because i heard nero screws it up or something. sorry for being such a n00b, but i can honestly say i've never burned anything with my burner except bin and cue files, and maybe 1 or 2 audio cd's. Please help me out, those band of brother eps are average 670 mb each, and i have 9 of them, so that's like 6 gbs, plus i'm downloading the last band of brother ep and the making of band of brothers special bringing the total up to 7 gbs, and i don't have too much space to spare. It would be nice if i could watch the mini series on my dvd player with the surround sound blasted up :) . any help is good help, so pls reply and help me out. Thanx in advance, i'm sure muchspl2 can help me out :D .

EDIT: P.S.: i have all the programs that muchspl2 used in that tut

12-15-2003, 08:34 AM
just use nero to record it, choose vcd and un-tic the box that states MAKE STANDARD COMPLIANT CD

12-15-2003, 08:43 AM
thanks. so i that tut u made is also for converting avi/divx to kvcd?

12-15-2003, 11:39 AM

12-16-2003, 07:11 AM
okay, i pmed u muchspl2, but just incase anyone else knows this and can help me out...

okay, so up until now i assumed that all the band of brothers eps i downloaded were avi/divx files, but now i look at the extensions i see that all of them are mpg's, and i really have no clue as to what an mpg could be encoded into, ima n00b when it comes to encoding and technical stuff like that. So my problem is does muchspl2's great kvcd tut also go for mpg's, or are they only for avi's avs' and dvd files? If that tut's only for avi's, does anyone know detailed steps on how to make a kvcd out of mpg's? if so, pls post here or pm me, i really need this and would very much appreciatte it. I preview played all the band of brothers eps i'm downloading (each average about 670 mb), the quality is pretty damn good, not as good as dvd, but better than vcd quality. Pls help a guy out! thanks in advance!

EDIT: i just had the craziest idea, is there a way of converting an mpg to avi or bettter yet avi encoded with divx? if so, what programs and what r the steps? that way i wouldn't have to follow another tut, unless it's as flawless as muchspl2's ;)

12-16-2003, 08:14 AM
I'm not sure if you can kvcd a mpeg cause kvcd is mpeg, you should try, if it doesn't work you can use a program called virtual dub to convert mpeg to avi using whatever codec you like (x-vid/divx5.1)

12-16-2003, 09:12 AM
i just installed virtual dub, hope this works. i have dolby digital 5.1 surround system, so should i therefore convert into avi using divx5.1?

EDIT: thanks for all the help, but i got one more question for the master (actually 2 questions):

how do i convert mpg to avi using virtual dub (what settings and stuff)?

and where do i get the divx5.1 codec from?

one thing i can tell u right now off the bat is that the fps in this particular band of brothers ep is 29.97

thanks for all your help, i'm almost there, just need to get a little bit further and i'll stop bothering you. thanks again dude :)

12-16-2003, 09:14 AM
well you can choose whatever, divx 5.1 is just the newest divx codec, you can use xvid I like both

12-16-2003, 09:24 AM
okay, that's cool, i think i'll use the xvid one. still need to know how to convert mpeg (i've been saying mpg this whole time, i meant mpeg) to avi using virtualdub. thanks again man, u've really helped me understand the basics of this stuff :clap:

12-16-2003, 09:30 AM
simple guides here @ http://www.dvdrhelp.com like this one

12-16-2003, 09:33 AM

12-17-2003, 02:13 AM
looks like the questions from me never end.... yet another problem. i've had success in converting all the mpeg files from the band of bro. series into avi using virtual dub in xvid, except for 2 of them. i'm not that smart at this, but i'm pretty sure the files are corrupt, but the weird thing is, they play just fine (in real one player, mpeg form). is there a way to fix this by say re-encoding it myself, or can i fool virtual dub into thinking the mpeg file is fine (which it is, or other wise it wouldn't have played at all, or would have skipped at some parts, i watched both the eps that wouldn't convert to avi, they both check out fine, no skipping no nothing) so it's either virtual dub thinks there is a problem, or there really is a problem. help me out, this is the last time, i promise :( !

12-17-2003, 04:46 AM
try virtual dub mod, they might be mpeg2, worth a shot

12-17-2003, 05:04 AM
thanks for the tip. one more thing, i'm going to do a test burn as soon as acp is done with it's work (it's still making the kvcd, tmpgenc is running now doing it's 6th transcode test!!! takes so long....) to see if it works (band of brothers ep 6, bastogne). i looked in the output directory and this is what i see:

test (avisynth script)
video (mpeg)
audio (mp2 audio)
video (avisynth script)

how do i burn a kvcd with all these files? will i have to burn the directory, or will nero sort it self out when i go to burn the vcd? thanks for all your help, i've been waiting so long to get the band of brothers collection.

edit: now it's doing the bbmpeg thing, i got scared that it was gonna stay on tmpgenc forever!

12-17-2003, 05:06 AM
just burn the mpeg file, its in the guide at least 3 times