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12-27-2003, 04:24 PM

12-27-2003, 04:35 PM
:frusty: first of all make sure your avi files are over 700000 or you will have a poor dvd.
second you will need virtualdub this is only needed to check for bad frames (if the avi has bad frames in it you will wast a dvd-r) so open virtualdub load file then go to video and click direct steem same to audio then go to video go down to and click scan video stream for errors, that will scan for errors and report when done, if there is a lot of errors look for another copy if only a few save under another name and that will cut the bad frames out.
now you have a good avi copy lets convert it
there are several ways i will go through two
you will req, nero burning rom and nerovision express with the dvd mpeg2 plugin you can buy this from nero or find it on Kazaa dvd mpeg2 plugin is hard to find.
start nerovision express goto burn video to dvd-video (if this option is not there you havent got the dvd plug-in ) load video the avi will load and do some calculations (final size on dvd) next. here you can name your video and other things i would recomend just name your dvd untill you get better at it go to header/footer text and name your dvd in header text.
next you can preview it. skip this if you want. next go to prefrences pick pal or ntsc depending on your region then you can either burn it to disc or to hard drive to burn later, one tip purchase a dvd-rw to practise on mark my words you will throw a lot of dvd-r away untill you get some practise in. then wait 2 to 6 hours depending on your system then hey presto a dvd.

next way
you will need sonic mydvd all to be found on kazaa.
open sonic click dvd video then create or modify a dvd-video
next click get movie and load your avi file the click edit video
new window click edit video go down to send all clips in menu.
new window look for these and click. entire movie, timeline, then click create then down to dvd without menues. the window that opens saying save as, just close and another window will open here you can name your dvd it will also tell you what drive it is going to write to then put a dvd (do not forget the dvd-rw) in your drive and hit ok and in 2 to 6 hours hey presto you have a dvd to play on your standalone dvd player.

if your movie is upside down dont worry go to efects and click flip vertical the go to yellow line saying flip ver. right click on yellow line, extend to align, the end of movie and your movie will be the correct way up

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ulead dvd moviefactory 2 i use try it :rolleyes:

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Go here (http://www.dvdrhelp.com)

12-28-2003, 04:43 PM
Or just do like I did and buy a player that supports divx. Makes life a lot eayser.
I burn 6 divx movies to a DVD-R and my player eats it up. Only cost me 79. DVD-R's run about 1.50 a peice for the cheap ones.