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03-04-2003, 11:22 PM
i am new to all this file sharing..i have got the hang of music downloads. i was reading the forum's about movies and how you get wrong downloads. i am now more confused as to how you can use hash marks and other such methods so that you get the right one......had a few duff downloads spent nearly 2-3 days downloading all wrong..any replys plse make them very clear and easy to understand.

i know how to use normal search and download but want to make sure i get what i have asked for

i thankyou in advance for any help.

03-04-2003, 11:26 PM
people change the name pointless things like that,

03-04-2003, 11:29 PM
yeah i know it sucks

03-05-2003, 12:25 AM
Tips for finding verified movies:

After about 10 megs or 10% of the total DL of the movie, use Avipreview and see if its your movie. Click the screen of Avipreview and an Index should pop up with some info. If the video or audio part has 0 (zero), then its a fake.

After searching and thinking you have enough users, expand the list so you can see all the users for that file by clicking the "+" box to the left of the title and scroll down and check to see if the filenames match up to the movie your looking for and read the yellow description boxes that pop up too. Sometimes it will say if its a fake or not.

Look at the length of the movie. A trick I learned awhile ago is that any movie with the length of 1:02:08 is a fake.

Check the file size of the movie. Make sure its reasonable. Sometimes the movie is split into two or three parts for easier downloading.

Check the hashes in the verifieds. That will usually say if a movie is out or not and will usually tell of its quality. Always check the verifieds first before looking for a movie which will save you some time.

03-05-2003, 01:23 AM
shini i have tried to use these progs but i am confused as to howe to use them. as regards avi preview it tells me i cant as i am running win98 and file is in use by other prog and when i click yes to the option box it takes me to avi preview site and i dont know what to do then....also what are the hashes in the verified sites u mentioned????? as i said iam really thick when it comes to movie downloads and using the bits and bobs that come with kazaa lite