View Full Version : Mechwarrior4 Merc's

03-08-2003, 01:10 AM
I&#39;ve tried installing this in both minimum(express), and full...no-joy. I get an error stating that information needed could not be read from a .cab file (the reasons it gives are 1. low memory, physical and/or virtual 2. the cab file is bunked). Is there anyway to "fix" it? It took me a week to download it (at 1kB/s <_< ).

Both files are in .BIN format. Files name DEV-M4M1.BIN, DEV-M4M2.BIN. I burnt them to CD with NERO(FILE>BURN IMAGE>RAW DATA).

My machine is;
512mb of PC800
15gig HD (13 used :P )

EDIT:Just read something about CDMage. Gonna try that....and hope ;)

03-08-2003, 02:22 AM
I&#39;ve used CDMage on both .BIN&#39;s M4M1.BIN has over 700 corupted files, that couldn&#39;t be fixed (I chose "rebuild" hoping that would work). M4M2.BIN had only 17 coruptions that we&#39;re fixed :) (I think since I can&#39;t get far enough into the install to require the 2nd CD).

What are my options people? Could CD1 be "fixed", or will I have to D/L it again? :(