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03-30-2004, 11:44 AM
Let's see when I'm going to collect my paycheck at the start of the game and i go to the 2nd lv transition, the game crashes saying install directx 8.1b or later

So i do, i install 9.0b

and then i grab some driver update for my card

still crashes, so i go to their support site saying some stuff about an update Q811493 is bad. Well i dunno if i have this update or not but since i got winxp with sp1 integrated (lamsey's version) so i go and download the patch for this update and it still crashes.
next it tells me to turn some auto projecting thing off in the game. still crash. final solution?

install the damn patch! but too bad there's no crack for 1048!!!

So what do i do? I downloaded the deviance version it was a bin. This shouldn't happen because the patch history said it was fixed in 1337 and i got 1047

so i gotta say :helpsmile:

silent VI
03-31-2004, 12:12 AM
download share the pain from mirc its 722mb file i think. now put it on disc, once its properly on disc install it to you system once installed to you system open ie then go to google search postal2 no cd i could l=only find it at some deutch site :lol: dl it replace it with the original .exe click and run :D if that dont work what are you system specs?

you dont want the 1337 get the other one