View Full Version : Splinter Cell Pandora's Tommorow

need a medic
03-31-2004, 07:27 AM
i know the game is out for pc now, has anyone got a verified hash for one on kazaa? if you do have a copy and want to swap via ftp for a diff. game let me know.

need a medic
04-05-2004, 09:10 AM
it surprises me that no one has posted a verified for this yet. i mean someone must have it by now. now some of you will say, go to bittorrent or some other torrent site. well unfortunatly i cant afford the bandwidth that those take. usually when i dl a game or movie i try to make sure at least 2 others get it from me to share. splinter cell is approx. 2.5 gigs total so that comes to 7.5 with up & down loads. but a torrent will come to more like 15 gigs. my isp will shit if do that. with that 15 gigs i can share 2 games and a movie so although it seems stingy it is all i can give. at least i try to share as much as i can. and my speeds are very good on kazaa also, usually close to and well above 100. anyways i would really appreciate a copy of this game as i really enjoyed the first 1 and have no doubt this 1 will be just as good. please cant someone post a verified.