View Full Version : Ok, I've Dl'ed Pretty Much All The Angel Episodes,

03-12-2003, 02:14 AM
A while ago, I DLed the 10th episode fo the 4th season, because it was an incredible episode. It had a file size of 453,000kb, so it was of an extraordinary quality. However, there was this weird square symbol at the top of the screen. I thought it was just maybe a logo for the TV company that aired it, so I ignored it.

Fast-forward about 3 weeks and now I have every Angel episode DLed, up to the episode that aired last Wed. However, when I went back to watch it, that little square bastard moves! It goes back in forth in a small area very quickly, and wanders all over the image now! Why is it doing this, and is there a way to remove it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

03-12-2003, 04:28 AM
<_< Does it look like this? My brother is having the same problem..We are trying to figure it out...Same symptoms as you described...


03-12-2003, 04:38 AM
:huh: Might want to move this to General problems and questions....

03-12-2003, 06:45 AM
THAT&#39;S IT&#33;

That&#39;s it exactly&#33; That f&#39;n thing moves around the screen&#33; The first time I watched the episode, it stayed put. Now it&#39;s floating around everywhere&#33;


03-12-2003, 08:20 AM
:huh: Are you running Windows XP and media player9?...
Does the problem occur with other videos and media players?...
Do you have any videos from MIRC, the dump, etc?...

03-12-2003, 09:37 AM
I use Windows MP, and Media Player 9.

The problem is only with the bigger file size versions of Angel. I DLed a 400000kb version of another episode that season, and it had the same thing. Meanwhile the other episodes that are about 80000kb don&#39;t have any problems...

And no, don&#39;t use MIRC, only Kazaa...