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07-11-2004, 12:53 PM
Well, I've been trying to set my room up as the ultimate entertainment pad, I've got all my consoles and games here hooked up to a generic TV, got my PC (although it's shit now, I'm getting a new one soon to replace it) which is my editing suite as well (I'm a filmmaker/editor/videographer).

Got my room adorned with movie/game posters and action figures, my guitar and amp, some VHS movies (I have around 400, but have about 50 in my room) and everything has a nice polished look and a great atmosphere.

Here's the problem, I have around 400 movie VCDs, which would make a great addition to my room, only problem is, they're all in my house's family room, complete with a 5:1 sound setup and 80" LG Flatron. Now, that's obviously the preferred viewing place for said movies, but I really want my room to be the place in my house where my friends and I can just do what we want, play music, watch movies, play games etc.

So, here's the dilema, should I move all those VCDs to my room to complete the sense of a total entertainment pad, or leave them in the family room (on the other side of my house) with the best viewing equiptment. It sucks watching VCDs on a PC, it just doesn't have the right atmosphere, so it is possible to play VCDs on an Xbox somehow?

Should I maybe move all the VCDs here, friends can pick them out whatever, then move to the family room to watch?

I dunno, but not having all those VCDs just doesnt complete the atmosphere :huh:

Oh yeah, total off topic question, but what's the point of installing huge, like 80/120 gig HDs on an Xbox? What does it help with?

Thanks, I'm not sure where to post this, so I'll put it in game and movie world. If a Mod finds a better place to move it to, please do.

BC-UK Will Live
07-11-2004, 06:45 PM
You could chip your x box

or just buy a dvd player that plays dvds

they dont cost much anymore

07-11-2004, 07:32 PM
I have a chipped Xbox! Xecutioner, how do I get it to run VCDs?