View Full Version : Fabrication Magic X Modchip

07-13-2004, 10:37 PM
I saw it on suprnova. I did a search on google, but found nothing about it.

fabrication magic x modchip ps2 101 MB 7 seeds 6 peers in the PS2 section

I wonder what it is.. It can't be a real *software* modchip.. that would be big news.. hmm

It's not on the suprnova website right now, but if you have GoSuprnova (the program) it's on there. It's probably in the search feature of the website too, but i'm not sure if they've fixed that yet.

Oh yeah, and it was added 14/05 so i'm guessing May 14 2k4.

Anyone know what it is?

07-13-2004, 11:10 PM
dude. it never said "fabrication magic x modchip." it was seeded by some spanish guy (his name has an X in it, 'cos spanish warez people put "zone" and "x" in the names of everything since it sounds so futuristic). it said "fabricacion magic x modchip." which in zonaspan-glishx means "magic x modchip fabrication." it is prolly a video or sumfin' about the manufacturing of a modchip.

edit: oh, and if you ever see any files that say "jeux video," that's french for "video game." it's not a video of jewxish people.