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11-08-2004, 07:25 PM
Hey. what's up. Your all doing fine and good I presume? Well I had hoped to drop in more on my visit but I simply did not have time. My life has changed a great deal and I'm on the move a lot so I basically had to give the forum a break.

A lot sure has changed around here. Do you all like the changes? Did I miss any juicy events while I was gone?

I have about 3 more hours until my bus leaves so have at it!

11-08-2004, 07:31 PM
Where have you been?

The changes sucked at first but I think we have got used to them, I have anyway.

The place is a lot quieter now though :(

11-08-2004, 07:38 PM

11-08-2004, 07:38 PM
I've been trying to make some big changes and so far everything has worked in my favor, for now.

Wow this place does seem pretty monotone. But If that's the way you all like it then it's a good thing.

11-08-2004, 07:42 PM
Thats good to hear, at least some one is doing well :01:

11-08-2004, 07:55 PM
Hi shn nice to see you again.

11-08-2004, 08:01 PM
'Sup Shn....you got ma money?

peat moss
11-09-2004, 03:36 AM
Hi shn, I for for one missed your easy banter ! :D Hows the schooling going ?