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12-31-2004, 05:17 PM
I know there is a thread for hashes but due to the positive reactions and love this "m for mature" rated series has generated, I thought it deserved its' own thread. If there is any issue pm me and I'll repost:

File:Elfen Lied - 01.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 01.avi|Length:183748608 Bytes, 179442KB|UUHash:=uyhrPzQGZfMtA3i7u4UiZmpFIEI=|)
Length:183748608 Bytes, 179442KB

File:Elfen Lied - 02.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 02.avi|Length:184168448 Bytes, 179852KB|UUHash:=kr/ZvSHuStjuosn1QaZ4/mHOdUQ=|)
Length:184168448 Bytes, 179852KB

File:Elfen Lied - 03.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 03.avi|Length:183617536 Bytes, 179314KB|UUHash:=j9ulGh4IFAAdpJhMVTq1v32mCyA=|)
Length:183617536 Bytes, 179314KB

File:Elfen Lied - 04.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 04.avi|Length:183115776 Bytes, 178824KB|UUHash:=ukfBYBSS4/ZLf1HpodgZj305IKk=|)
Length:183115776 Bytes, 178824KB

File:Elfen Lied - 05.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 05.avi|Length:177133568 Bytes, 172982KB|UUHash:=LClVTzAiMKi3kzOpGMXD+j2wxB0=|)
Length:177133568 Bytes, 172982KB

File:Elfen Lied - 06.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 06.avi|Length:183269376 Bytes, 178974KB|UUHash:=VgaFNYo7AWqmxLbnPC3L7BsFesA=|)
Length:183269376 Bytes, 178974KB

File:Elfen Lied - 07.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 07.avi|Length:182165504 Bytes, 177896KB|UUHash:=ZP2WYJfkOJR5bV1bRW/9Eip66gs=|)
Length:182165504 Bytes, 177896KB

File:Elfen Lied - 08.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 08.avi|Length:183076864 Bytes, 178786KB|UUHash:=Wyi9tkxAeyzb3orhyRdle8iIZvo=|)
Length:183076864 Bytes, 178786KB

File:Elfen Lied - 09.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 09.avi|Length:183027712 Bytes, 178738KB|UUHash:=XReCVCD9v1ulXomhgRk1nyI3sYk=|)
Length:183027712 Bytes, 178738KB

File:Elfen Lied - 10.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 10.avi|Length:183212032 Bytes, 178918KB|UUHash:=lmFVTzsIcjEuvFYF6K4s3OS8Pyw=|)
Length:183212032 Bytes, 178918KB

File:Elfen Lied - 11.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 11.avi|Length:183263232 Bytes, 178968KB|UUHash:=rEF8CpS84RiT6iMcJUozOFZAogQ=|)
Length:183263232 Bytes, 178968KB

File:Elfen Lied - 12.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 12.avi|Length:242724864 Bytes, 237036KB|UUHash:=i+msiNGKm/83/VcD9oF/mblfUgU=|)
Length:242724864 Bytes, 237036KB

File:Elfen Lied - 13.avi (sig2dat:///|File:Elfen Lied - 13.avi|Length:194846720 Bytes, 190280KB|UUHash:=FJOW5Nr+/VadQOk0MkadLuUGyPE=|)
Length:194846720 Bytes, 190280KB

Incredible series. Perhaps the only anime that has nudity without perverted old men, and the violence is awesome if you like that sort of thing. The story rocks. The plot issues I had all were resolved in the last episode or 2, a truly complete and great series in 13 eps.


12-31-2004, 05:19 PM
whats it about?

12-31-2004, 05:26 PM
Without giving up too much, it is about 2 things. First, a group of children are born with horns, pink hair, and at age 3 the ability to grow "vectors" or invisible arms, and those people all end up killing humans, so they are locked away on some island. As the series begins, you see any explanation needed about their powers in the amazing escape sequence with the one named Lucy. The second part is about Kouta, a young man come back to some town to go to school. He meets up with his cousin, and they find a naked woman with horns alone on a beach, and they take her in. Apparently the woman has amnesia and can only say the "word" Nyuu. The series follows Nyuu/Lucy, Kouta and the events surrounding her escape and subsequent life with Kouta and the crew he accumulates, balancing a story of (I assume) understanding with unbridled horror/action.

To say anything else really might ruin some of the plot, but suffice it to say Nyuu, the killer mutants, Kouta, all of it thread together in the end very well. Warning though, this is not for the feint of heart.


01-01-2005, 04:50 AM
hate to be a beetch, but *please* at least keep the name of the fansub group in the filenames ^^ I don't really care, but it was smth I wasn't too happy about when I made the KLBAHC (k-lite board anime hash collection database) ^^

edit: and as I've said before, the series is very good ^^

01-01-2005, 06:27 PM
danne: the file names are as named when I downloaded them off irc. I myself added the name of the fansub group manually (anime fin) to the description of file on the fasttrack network. Now all the other Elfen Lied files I searched had the artist listed as unknown and I myself at least bothered to put that bit of info in.

No big deal I guess but since you seem to think I would take the name out of a file, you should know that is wholly untrue. I just didn't think of ADDING their fansub group to the file name, as I like to leave file names untouched, but as this attachment will prove, I obviously gave credit when I seeded this series to the fansub group, anime fin.


01-02-2005, 10:15 PM
well, it's not much about the credits to the actul subbers (that is pretty obvious when you watch it), it's more of a searching thing (not all networks have them available or searchable). Worst thing I know is downing a file-list on dc and not have anything but episode number. Good thing these days with TTH is that you can go stright and verify them without too much trouble, but it is extra work none the less.

Idunno where you got em off irc, but that's not the filenames I have (same group). I took em stright from the fansubbers.

01-09-2005, 02:15 AM
#anime on rizon actually.


04-04-2005, 07:28 AM
How do i actually get to download and watch these files of elfen lied...please help thanks animeamy