• Microsoft replacing older 360s damaged by new firmware update

    It seems that the latest Xbox 360 firmware update isn't compatible with all versions of the console, as a small number of users reportedly cannot play games on their systems after updating. To make up for this, Microsoft has confirmed that it will be replacing consoles for those affected.
    "Following a recent update to our system software, we have become aware of an issue that is preventing a very small number of Xbox 360 owners from playing retail game discs," a Microsoft representative told Eurogamer. "This issue manifests itself a as a unique 'disc unreadable' or 'disc unsupported' error on the screen. We are also able to detect this issue over Xbox Live and are proactively reaching out to customers that may be impacted to replace their console."

    Those affected are urged to contact Microsoft in order to confirm that their consoles need replacement.

    The new firmware is designed to support a new, updated disc format for the 360, which reportedly adds up to 1GB of usable data to Xbox discs. Microsoft will be replacing the outdated consoles with new 250GB slim 360s, and users will also be given one free year of Xbox Live to make up for the inconvenience.

    Source: Ars Technica
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    1. stlcardinal9's Avatar
      stlcardinal9 -
      Hmm, so we need to find out what console is affected and buy it off ebay, then request a new slim...
    1. Funkin''s Avatar
      Funkin' -
      I'm going to have to hook mine up to Live and update it. Hopefully I'm affected by this. Would really like to have one of those new slims.
    1. proforma's Avatar
      proforma -
      They cannot play games?
    1. thrasher88's Avatar
      thrasher88 -
      a very small number of Xbox 360 owners from playing retail game discs

      translation: pirates are in the clear, lucky for us we don't play retail game discs lol
    1. mjmacky's Avatar
      mjmacky -
      AND a free year of live, damn Microsoft really owns up to their support, that's why I stick with their consoles exclusively
    1. SonsOfLiberty's Avatar
      SonsOfLiberty -
      Err, this is NOT from the new update, get your facts straight, it's from an old update.


      Clarification time! The console replacement plan that is the subject of some of today’s headlines is related to a previous update, NOT the system update that has been in public beta and will be deployed shortly.

      The new disc format that is part of the beta has been rigorously tested across all Xbox 360 models and there are no known compatibility issues.

      Hope that clears a few things up.