• Activision to Revisit GoldenEye?

    Remember the remake of N64 classic GoldenEye that Eurocom came out with last year and it was a really flat sort of experience? "Bah," says Activision, because by the looks of things, they’re setting up to make another pass with the much-loved brand. Overnight, Eurogamer unearthed a bit of quality sleuthing from none other than internet games fiend Superannuation. He (or she?) had managed to turn up a slew of host URLs recently registered by Activision – and they’re very telling indeed.

    Most of them are some kind of obvious permutation on ‘GoldenEye.’ Check it out:


    Hmmm. Additionally, the ‘007’ logo cropped up at Activision’s pre-E3 event back in May, with a few whispers here and there that Raven Studios have been assigned to its production. Post-Singularity, Raven were hit with mass layoffs, so it’s likely that if any of this is accurate, the game(s) might well be something a little more modest – like a downloadable title, say. That’s something I could handle: the original GoldenEye given the HD treatment and posted to Xbox Live. What about you guys?
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    1. Funkin''s Avatar
      Funkin' -
      Great. Another non-exciting remake. Last years wasn't terrible, but I highly doubt this one will be any better.Instead of just taking the existing game and making it pretty with HD graphics, they need to build a totally new one from ground up. With new characters, new areas, new guns/gadgets, etc. But that will still follow along the lines of the 64 game.
    1. 1000possibleclaws's Avatar
      1000possibleclaws -
      GoldenEye was amazing, the ultimate sleepover game back in the day
    1. WHiKWiRE's Avatar
      WHiKWiRE -
      I would love online multiplayer. I remember my 11th birthday part playing this game all weekend with no sleep. Christ we even ate coffee grounds to stay awake. And yes kids are stupid
    1. fpsben's Avatar
      fpsben -
      What about GoldenEye Source? As far as multiplayer goes, it was a pretty awesome rendition of the game we used to play.