• Crysis XBLA and PSN Release Date Revealed

    Crytek’s vaunted PC graphical overlord has been slated as a downloadable title for Xbox Live and the PSN, but when? When, we ask? Today we have our answer October 4th. It’ll set Xbox peeps back 1,600 Microsoft Points and the PS3 set will be forking up $20 for this trip back to 2007’s most attractive FPS heyday. Worth it? I hazard a guess a whole lot of folk will enjoy the original Crysis a lot more than its divisive recent sequel.

    The version the console patrol will be receiving features only the single-player campaign, but Crytek have quipped that the campaign has been “remastered” with new lighting effects, spruced-up controls, and stereoscopic 3D support if you still insist on getting on that flagging wagon. Other than that, it’s the same game of murderous jungle canopy cat ‘n mouse that possibly ranks quite high on the “Gotta Play” list. Provided there was one.