• Google Music Screenshots Leak Ahead of Rumored Announcement

    The cat may be out of the bag for Google’s upcoming November 16 announcement. A fellow over at Spanish-language site TecnoDroidVe has come across what looks to be the Google Music Store, and some tasty sounding features look to be headed our way.

    Because the blog accessed the store before its public launch, it sounds like not everything was 100% functional as of yet – DroidVe couldn’t purchase or download music. Still, once launched, the store will purportedly feature song previews, featured artists and a “Free Song of the Day” page. In addition, the Google Music Store will also offer recommendations for artists you’ve searched for previously, making for easy music discovery.

    Rumors about Google’s Music Store have been persistent for a while, but nothing has yet to materialized. Supposedly the search giant hasn’t been able to secure rights to sell music from two of the major labels – Sony and Warner – of the four major label groups, so selection might be a bit thin in the beginning. Can Google make an impact without every label on board?

    Everything will officially be unveiled this Wednesday in Los Angeles at 2:00 PM PST, so stay tuned to TechnoBuffalo for all the latest Google Music Store news.
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    1. whatcdfan's Avatar
      whatcdfan -
      Great news, finally the master is here to rescue me. I fucking don't like the Starzik and Virginmega sucks big time. I don't think that without being able to find the artist/album no matter how many features the store has, it wouldn't matter but I think Google will get around those legal agreements.
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      Love or hate Google/Android, competition is always good for general prices.
    1. Glaucon's Avatar
      Glaucon -
      The title is somewhat misleading. Google Music is actually their music playback service which has been available for a while now with an invite (US only though). Nonetheless, I'm excited even though I don't buy my music digitally.