• WINNING! iXtreme LT+ v3.0 On The Way DAE/AP25 Gets The Silver Bullet !

    iXtreme LT+ v3.0 is on the way! Yesterday, having revealed to the team yesterday an idea for countering the recent dae.bin/AP2.5 update, c4eva has today confirmed that he has in fact completely done away with the need for dae.bin/AP2.5 data.

    Although it’s early stages, c4eva has successfully completed several tests which validate this new method and classified his solution as the “silver bullet” for AP2.5. Rather than using captured challenge results each time the dae.bin changes, the new method builds a complete set of profile data for each disc and works for all AP2.5 challenges, regardless of how the dae.bin is changed. As a result, the format of backup ISOs will be changing as the AP25 replay sector will no longer be included and the profile data will instead take its place. Though c4eva noted that it will take some development time as it’s not a quick fix, both he and the team will now be putting their full efforts behind bringing this solution to life in the form of new versions of iXtreme LT+, Xbox Backup Creator, and abgx360.

    Extra info pretty much the same but hey, it's great new for the modding community.

    We just had a development meeting with C4E and he dropped a bombshell.

    Thanks to the recent silent DAE update he has been able to discover how to hit DAE/AP25 with the "Silver Bullet" and has developed iXtreme LT 3.0 which defeats DAE/AP2.5 reliance COMPLETELY.

    A new FW and a new version of XBC will be released to get you up and running again in no time.

    We can also confirm that C4E has finished the Hitachi LT 2.0 fw (not affected by DAE/AP25) and will be releasing that as soon as its gone through final testing.

    You heard it here first


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      drokk54 -
      Why dont C4eva one day say.......... Oh what a bugger, i'm on holiday fro a month on a cruise......., or doing overtime at work.... no, its always fixed for the 360 straight away........ get him cloned and send the clone to the ps3............ lol
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      technoman -
      if only
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      That dude is a total rockstar from Mars!!