• Quick Tip: Excluding forums from New Posts list

    Some people might want to exclude certain forums from the New Posts page, to filter out the flooding of posts from certain forums. Here's how...

    Get Forum IDs

    First you have to find the forumids of the forums that you want excluded from the New Posts page.
    1. Go to the Forum Home
    2. Find the forum you want to exclude and click on it
    3. Look in your address bar at the URL for the page, the forumid is there. It is in the format "(...)forum/{forumid}-{title}(...)"
    4. Write that forumid down
    5. Repeat for each forum you want to exclude
    For example in these two URLs the forumids are 90 then 158:

    Build URL

    Now add the forumids, seperated by commas, to the end of this URL:

    So for example, using the forumids that I found above, I would end up with this URL:

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