• Valve reveals mystery hardware project: wearable computing

    This morning, Valve Software set the world of gaming news abuzz by attempting to hire hardware engineers. Now, Valve developer (and well-known programmer) Michael Abrash has revealed what kind of hardware the company is prototyping: computer technology you can wear.
    It's certainly an important time to admit such a thing, considering how Google's Project Glass heads-up display generated so much interest last week, but Abrash cautions that you shouldn't expect a product out of Valve anytime soon, if at all:

    To be clear, this is R&D – it doesn’t in any way involve a product at this point, and won’t for a long while, if ever – so please, no rumors about Steam glasses being announced at E3. It’s an initial investigation into a very interesting and promising space, and falls more under the heading of research than development. The Valve approach is to do experiments and see what we learn – failure is fine, just so long as we can identify failure quickly, learn from it, and move on – and then apply it to the next experiment. The process is very fast-moving and iterative, and we’re just at the start. How far and where the investigation goes depends on what we learn.
    The reveal is actually part of a long, fascinating blog post about how Abrash was first drawn to work at Valve, after years at Microsoft, Intel (on the canceled Larrabee graphics architecture) and id, where he coauthored Quake, not to mention how the intense freedom at Valve (and a love of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash) helped him start building the wearable computing R&D project in the first place. It's hard to think of a better recruiting pitch, and he's even asking for interested talent to shoot him an email. Head on over to our source link to take a look.
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      megabyteme -
      I don't want to wear a water valve on my eye socket.
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      losermaine -
      i dont like any pic that puts strain on my eyes ... this one is a shitty pic
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      Appzalien -
      How about an eye socket valve for the females in your life? Volume control of course.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Appzalien View Post
      How about an eye socket valve for the females in your life? Volume control of course.
      this would be awesome. also a fast forward button and rewind