• Windows 8 RTM Confirmed for Early August, GA for Late October

    Today at its annual Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft shared some more information on the upcoming availability of Windows 8.

    The company confirmed that the next-generation platform would be released to manufacturing in the first week of August, so that its partners would have enough time to get their devices ready for general availability.

    Tami Reller, Windows VP, Microsoft, also announced that Windows 8 is targeted for an official launch at the end of October this year.

    The announcement comes in line with the previous rumors on the matter, which suggested that Windows 8 might be ready to reach the RTM milestone in late July, while being commercially released sometime in mid- to late-October.

    At the aforementioned conference, Microsoft also announced a series of other info on its Windows platforms, including the fact that it has sold over 630 million Windows 7 licenses.

    For those out of the loop, we should mention that the company announced 600 million Windows 7 licenses being sold in early June.

    Furthermore, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said on stage at the event that the company expects around 375 million Windows PCs to be sold in the next year.

    Many of these should run under Windows 8, and a few millions of them are expected to be Surface tablet PCs, Ballmer also said. "Surface is one of the preeminent Windows 8 devices," he also noted at the event.

    Previously, Microsoft said that the 630 million Windows 7 users represent a powerful customer base to target with Windows 8, even if many users have been complaining about the Metro UI it brings along.

    The Windows 8 OS was designed with heavy optimizations for use on touch-enabled devices, and is a bit difficult to use with a mouse and keyboard on traditional computers, many users claim.

    Microsoft, however, claims that the new platform will prove a real success, especially given the brand new Metro features it will arrive with, such as access to the Windows Store or enhanced social networking capabilities.
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    1. Artemis's Avatar
      Artemis -
      I'm sooooo going to rush out for my new copy of ME Vista Windows 8, I so enjoy throwing my money away on crap software. Has anyone else noticed that Microsoft always makes a good O/S then follows it up with a spectacular flop?
    1. bobbintb's Avatar
      bobbintb -
      i dunno. i rather like windows 8, god awful metro excluded. there are a number of features that they have finally implemented that will replace numerous third party applications for me. ive been using it for a while and am anxiously awaiting the rtm so i can finally (hopefully) play batman arkham city, as it wont work for me on any of the previews.
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      I spotted this article that explains the 'benefits' of upgrading to win 8:
      I'd only be looking forwarding to about 6 of the 30 'benefits' so I don't know if I will be bothering with Win 8
    1. Tarom's Avatar
      Tarom -
      Considering that my last legal OS was Win XP, and knowing that I can upgrade to Win 8 for only 40 bucks, I might just go for it...
    1. crazzyjoe31's Avatar
      crazzyjoe31 -
      I will probably get it, but I won't run it on my main PC to begin with.
    1. Cabalo's Avatar
      Cabalo -
      Knowing the Metro UI can be swapped easily for the Aero one we all use, I'm going to upgrade as soon as I see some gaming benchmarks.
    1. lafront's Avatar
      lafront -
      Wait! You mean Windows 8?
    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Cabalo View Post
      Knowing the Metro UI can be swapped easily for the Aero one we all use, I'm going to upgrade as soon as I see some gaming benchmarks.
      That's really good to hear. I've not been following the Win 8 news n that too much.