• First PlayStation 3 Super Slim Photos Leaked

    Sony is preparing to debut a brand new version of its PlayStation 3 console later this year, presumably the rumored PS3 Super Slim edition, and now the first images of the new device have been leaked on the web thanks to a Brazilian website.

    The PlayStation 3 has been around for quite a long time and it already went through a "slimming" process when the PS3 Slim was presented to the world back in 2009.

    It seems that Sony is getting ready to debut a new design for the PS3 in the form of the rumored Super Slim, at least according to FCC files that were uncovered last month.

    Now, the first images of this new PS3 have appeared via website Tecnoblog, which apparently got them from the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications.

    As you can see above and in the gallery below, the new PS3 sports a similar shape to the current PS3 Slim but has a ridged finish on its top panel and might feature a top-loading disc drive, which should make it cheaper to produce.

    The Sony Brazil document that accompanied the device mentions three actual versions of the PS3 Super Slim, codenamed CECH-4011A, CECH-4011B, and CECH-4011C, which means that three different hard drives will be bundled into the console.

    According to the website, these storage options will offer 16, 250, and 500GB of space, which is quite different than the current PS3 Slim that comes in either 160GB or 320GB flavors.

    Given the fact that Sony presented the PS3 Slim at Gamescom 2009, it stands to reason that the company will once again debut a new PlayStation 3 model at the upcoming 2012 edition of the large convention this August.

    No other details are known as of yet, but you can admire more leaked photos below.