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  • How PDFs can infect your computer via Adobe Reader vulnerabilities

    Something as simple as opening a PDF file can infect your computer, and potentially allow malicious hackers to gain access to your corporate network.

    Cybercriminals create boobytrapped PDF files, exploiting vulnerabilities in PDF reading software such as Adobe Reader, and either spam them out to unsuspecting victims or plant them on websites where they lie in wait for visitors.

    Just the simple act of opening the PDF file can exploit a vulnerability to automatically download malicious code from the internet, and display a decoy PDF file to trick you into believing that nothing wrong has happened.

    Check out the following video by our own Chet Wisniewski, showing how a PDF can help hackers pwn your PC:

    Hopefully videos like this will help remind people of the importance of keeping applications like Adobe Reader updated with the latest security patches, and not just their operating system
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    1. dvdasacd's Avatar
      dvdasacd -
      I also recommend turning off javascript in your adobe reader/adobe acrobat. Edit > Preferences > Javascript > untick 'enable Acrobat Javascript'. This will prevent PDFs with malicious javascript in it from being effective. Stupid that they have it enabled by default, but there you do.
    1. AcTouch's Avatar
      AcTouch -
      Good information- thanks for sharing.))
    1. avengermag's Avatar
      avengermag -
      please try out this online pdf tool for safe editing