• 5 Ways To Increase Your Torrent Download Speed

    Well known that download speed for torrent files depends on seeders and leechers amount. If the file is popular then it can be transfered very fast, torrents with low peers need much more time to be downloaded. But there are stil some factors that can increase your speed if you follow them.

    1. Check Ports Configuration

    The first step to check is if your Bittorrent client is able to be connected by other peers. If you are using the latest version of uTorrent you can test this from Options >> Setup Guide menu.

    Default preferences of uTorrent are set so that your router will auto-configured using uPnP. In most cases this solves all problems. If this check fails then please configure the port of your router manually to make it accessible.

    2. Internet Service Provider Throttling

    There are some providers out there that block P2P networks and access to them. To check if this is your case you can use the tool from Glasnost. It will help to test your ISP connection with different protocols like Bittorrent.

    If you find you’re being restricted by your ISP then you have two ways to solve the problem:

    a) You can change your ISP to another more loyal provider. In this way you will be able to access Bittorrent network without any problems.

    b) You can use VPN service that will transfer all data between internet servers and your computer in encrypted way. In this case your ISP will not be able to see what you are really downloading and block the connection. After you do this you will get access to torrent peers. The disadvantage of VPN services is that they generally reduce your internet speed and the connection can be slower as normal.

    3. Join a Private Torrent Tracker

    If you are a little familiar with torrent trackers then you can join any private one. In this way you will get access to verified peers that seed much and this could raise your download speed a little. You can add a tracker then into your torrent client to start downloading.

    4. Check your Windows Firewall and Other Software

    If you are using Windows firewall or any other firewall software please consider to check that these programs do not block your access to Bittorrent protocol. The best way to check is to disable firewall for some time and test the speed then. If speed will stay the same then all works fine and your firewall has no any effect on your connection. If it can be raised then you can disable your Windows firewall and leave any alternative one that generally are more powerful and convenient.

    5. Give Peers Something Back

    Bittorrent works because of strong community of users who not only wish to download, but also are ready to share. If you do not give anything back to the peers then it will also limit your download speed. Check the upload preferences of your uTorrent client and preferences made there. Do not enable fast upload speed, but also do not limit it much or disable.


    Normally it doesn't require any specific preferences changes after installing of Bittorrent client, automically set options work fine. Try to download popular files where many users are able to seed it. If the file is not popular then it can take much time to download it, it doesn't depend on your ISP or ports in this case. Just be patient.

    Source: http://torrentus.to/blog/5-ways-to-i...oad-speed.html