• HBO's Bizarre Takedown Request to Google for VLC Player

    Rather funny thing happened to VLC player. Not so long time ago HBO sent a copyright removal request to Google where they included a download link for VLC player located on domain torrentportal.com.

    VideoLan is one of the most popular video players today for viewing of all types of files from PC without additional codecs needed. The software doesn't store any real files somewhere on their servers or offer any features to access copyrighted content.

    Mentioned takedown notice is more a false reporting as planned action against the player. It shows well that Google seems not to check reported URLs after they were submitted. On the other side it's understandable that Google is not able to check every link. Monthly about 15 million will be reported, which is a very huge amount for manual check.

    Home Box Office, Inc. (HBO) is a copyright holder organization. The main reporting companies representing this copyright owner on Google are: IP-Echelon Pty Ltd, MarkMonitor AntiPiracy and "Yes It Is - No Piracy!". Total requests sent from HBO to Google count 549 with about 1.333.708 reported single URLs. The main target sites are Filetram.com, Filestube.com, Rapidlibrary.com, Filespart.com and Torrentz.eu.

    In the near future will be clear what will happen with this bizzarre removal request against VideoLay media player.

    Source: http://torrentus.to/blog/bizarre-hbo...lc-player.html
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      Probably paid some company to harvest every link on the site and, without checking, just forwarded it. Ridiculous and adds to the increasing proof they have no clue what's going on and probably don't care.
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      Do they get paid by the URL?

      Megabucks to be made with this sort of referral.