• France Backtracks On Its Piracy Policy

    France has finally revoked a legislation it put in place years ago after many debates and opposition. The new decree will now ensure file-sharers will not have their internet connection terminated for copyright infringement. Now, if they are caught by copyright holders they will face a system of automated fines.

    This is also known as a “graduated response” which has been backed by the music and movie industries for years. In this graduated response theory it is believed that users who are continually warned about infringing copyright issues will begin to change their attitude over time and eventually stop sharing and obtaining illegally obtained media.

    The graduated response theory from its inception was heavily backed by France and former president Nicolas Sarkozy. Due to this Hadopi was developed. This agency which was funded by the tax-payer would overlook the monitoring of internet users and send them successive warnings, each of which would be more threatening than the last. Once all warnings have been issued, internet disconnection would occur.

    The theory however didn’t materialise and it did not allure users into purchasing legal music and movies. Therefore in June, a nine-member panel which was led by former Canal Plus chairman Pierre Lescure produced a 700 page report which consisted of advice in policy changes to advance the entertainment industry into the digital age.

    Also in the report it was concluded that the three strikes and your out rule was not effective in prevention of illegal downloads and therefore it should be scraped. This advice was taken on by the French government and now they will no longer disconnect persistent infringers.

    On the 9th of July 2013, the Ministry of Culture released the official decree No. 0157 which removed the additional misdemeanour punishable by suspension of access to a communication service.” These changes are a little too late for the only individual in France to be disconnected from the internet. They had many a warning sent but failed to adhere and therefore the user was fined 600 euros and disconnected from the Internet for two weeks.

    This change in the law does not mean France has relaxed their policy on file sharing. The decree also goes on to explain that file sharing offences can still be made punishable with a fine of up to 1500 euros.

    The decree states that ISPs have to provide the names, addresses and any other personal details of the users who continually go against the rules and thus aiding the system in sending automated fines for file sharing. Even though disconnection has been stopped, the fight against piracy lives on!

    Source: http://torrentus.to/blog/france-back...cy-policy.html
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    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      Fining sounds like profit from piracy. All it means is that people will get a fine then buy a VPN.
      1500 euros seems very disproportionate, but I guess all their fines and lawsuits are.
    1. Dean141's Avatar
      Dean141 -
      People will just get finned (aka paying the big fat cats even more) then find a better internet along with a VPN meh