• Due to FACT threats Torrent Damage Shuts Down

    In Europe, the Federation Against Copyright Theft is fast becoming the main agency in fighting piracy in light of another Torrent site being shut down.

    The agency that is more commonly known by its abbreviation FACT, has issued warnings and threats to a number of sites in the recent months. Even though the agency is based in the UK there is no geographical boundary for them with many reports of warnings being issued to sites all around the world. In the last week alone the Hollywood backed group shut down another site.

    In 2005 the site Torrent-Damage was established, and with its 9-year tenor it was an old school player in the torrent scene. However following a threat issued by FACT the owners of Torrent-Damage have decided to shut down the site to cut their losses.

    “Torrent-Damage has received a Cease and Desist notice from FACT (Federation against Copyright Theft), and while FACT are UK based (and none of us are), the operators of this site will stick to their gentleman’s agreement and comply with any such request – for the safety of the staff members and its user base,” the site’s operators published.

    “It is with much sadness to announce that Torrent-Damage will be closing its doors on the 5th of August, 2013. Effective immediately, the tracker will be shut down and all torrents removed (thus complying with the cease and desist order).” With over 30,000 members and 35,000+ torrents, Torrent-Damage will be very much missed said an old reputable member of the site.

    FACT also uses the tactic of requesting that the domain be handed over, but as of this moment we are not sure of the owner of Torrent-Damage has done this. “We wish all of our members Godspeed for the future, and hope that our community was of a great benefit to you while it was here,” the site finished with.

    Source: http://torrentus.to/blog/due-to-fact...huts-down.html
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    1. TheFoX's Avatar
      TheFoX -
      The 'Federation Against Copyright Theft' is a private company, not an authority, therefore it has no power in law, except that which is granted by a court of law for specific cases.

      Only a court can make a judgement that affects individuals or groups. While FACT can apply for a court order, they don't have the power to enforce law. The only agency that has the power to enforce a law are the local police force.

      It makes me laugh when a bunch of jumped up twats think they have power that they don't have. The only thing they have is bullshit. Unfortunately, some people are scared of bullshit, and will run with their tails between their legs.
    1. CyberCitizen's Avatar
      CyberCitizen -
      I used to use TD a fair bit before moving to Usenet, had a good ratio (also faked it a bit). Then when TD lost its database & quotas, that was time for me to quit. Never went back after that, although the site was a little slow to come back it was getting popular again. Always sad to see a site go, but who knows they may come back as something else.
    1. ng4ever's Avatar
      ng4ever -
      People actually troll bittorrent and nzb indexing sites acting as authority. How do I know well because I met a person one day on the internet who proved it to me. He was the actually the one doing it.