• Bringing Dead Torrents Back To Life

    In most cases, when you are trying to download an aged torrent, you will find most transfers will stop due to many reasons including the swarm having no seeds, not enough peers available to cover the full release and the tracking going down. However there is a site which may prove pivotal in completing your full download and that is btReAnnouncer.

    You’ll see many comments on BitTorrent sites which are pleading for seeds. You will also find as the torrents get older the 100% of seeds won’t be available anymore meaning the user will be stuck with the same amount completed. Unless a new seed appears with the remaining download, the user will be left without a complete file!

    Something else which users may find annoying is when there is a new torrent which has a good amount of seeds but for some strange reason it is not possible to connect to the tracker to complete the download. It may be that the tracker has gone down or there may be too many connections. Whatever the reason, the download won’t be completed!

    Not to worry however, if you sit tight it is possible to bring back to life a dead torrent. What you need to have to bring an old torrent back to life is an identical release with another tracker which in its swarm there are enough seeds to complete the download. The question is how to find the same release with another tracker?

    You could use Google but a quicker way is using btReAnnouncer. It’s a really easy to use site which can help you find identical files with active trackers! Here we will be walking you through how to bring back to life an old torrent.

    You first download the .torrent file from a torrent site onto your PC and you then upload it to btReAnnouncer. It will then display the current primary tracker very quickly. It will also display other URL trackers for the same torrent.

    From this list you can now choose a new primary tracker for the torrent by ticking the checkbox and pressing the “ReAnnounce” button. You then check for any other trackers in the list to be used and then again you can “ReAnnounce”. You then can download this new torrent file by clicking the “Download ReAnnounced Torrent” and then open the up the torrent in your favorite torrent client.

    Source: http://torrentus.to/blog/bringing-de...k-to-life.html
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    1. duke0102's Avatar
      duke0102 -
      It seems to scan using a pre-defined tracker list, wouldn't copying and pasting all the trackers they use into the tracker list do the same?
    1. bobbintb's Avatar
      bobbintb -
      Quote Originally Posted by duke0102 View Post
      It seems to scan using a pre-defined tracker list, wouldn't copying and pasting all the trackers they use into the tracker list do the same?
      i was thinking the same thing and im pretty sure youre right.
    1. ghurka's Avatar
      ghurka -
      Yet again this is old shit that torrentus has stolen from other sites

      Is FST paid to post this stuff....otherwise use a decent site like Torrentfreak.