• Best Sites With Verified Torrents

    Today millions users use Bittorrent technology to download verious types of files. The popularity of torrents leads to the problem that there are many fakes or password protected files going around. Below is the list with Top 5 sites that provide verified torrent files:

    1. Torlock

    Torlock is qualified site that offers a good choise of verified torrents for categories: movies, television, games, music, software, anime, ebooks, adult and others. The site has more than 1,15 million torrents in database with daily update. Torlock gathered strong community of fans visiting the site daily, commenting on the releases and being a part of well structured forum. The resource also offers a news section from Bittorrent world, user chat and possibility to create an account to upload own torrent files.

    2. Vertor

    Vertor is another one resource with huge database of verified torrent files. The service was launched in 2012 and has about 3,7 million verified torrents in database. On Vertor you can find releases for categories: movies, games, anime, software, music, TV and others. The site is supported by big community, it means that majority of torrents will be uploaded, moderated, commented, verified and reviewed by users. Vertor's blogs informs about newest from torrent world.

    3. Seventorrents

    Seventorrents is a very high qualified resource that provides TV related torrent files only. The site has about 20.000 verified movie torrents in database. Seventorrents is a home of 111,000 registered users who upload, verify, comment and review torrent files before they get available for the sharing community. Every release provides detailed information about movie's storyline, actors, rating, duration etc.

    4. YIFY-Torrents

    YIFY is not big but rather popular site with not more then some thousands of movie torrents in database. The site is not only a place where you can get a .torrent file for your favourite movie but also acts like a tracker. All releases are verified and have a good amount of available peers for faster downloading. YIFY provides detailed information about every movie with various screenshots. The majority of torrents have a high quality of video: 1080p or bluray.

    5. Torrentfunk

    Torrentfunk is a torrent site with more than 5 million torrents in database, about 1 million of them are verified. The resource offers following categories: movies, television, games, music, software, anime, ebooks and adult. Launched in 2011 Torrentfunk gathered a huge fans community that verify torrents and sort out fakes and password protected files. You will be able to get RSS feed to stay updates and upload your own torrent files to offer them for share.

    These were my personal Top 5 torrent sites - if you have your own favourites you are welcome to comment!

    6. TorrentBox

    TorrentBox is a new torrent site that offers search and download for verified torrent files. The system checks every single content file and filters out fakes, spam, viruses or password protected archives. The database has about 3 million files indexed.
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    1. Disme's Avatar
      Disme -

      I have been torrenting since many, many years but I've never used any of those sites?
    1. anon's Avatar
      anon -
      Vertor is good.
    1. LazyGuy's Avatar
      LazyGuy -
      I'd suppose Kickass.to should figure in this list as well,
      all the torrents uploaded by "Verified" uploaders with a good reputation have a crown marked on them
    1. megabyteme's Avatar
      megabyteme -
      Seems to me that downloading "databased/verified" files would make for easy-to-join the swarm for The Industries. That is BAD.

      Stick to small sites that offer a variety of the same movie (for example) uploaded by well-known, frequent, site-selected users. There are almost no fake files on quality sites. Those that creep in get deleted and their uploaders become suspect/removed. Simple.
    1. zedelph's Avatar
      zedelph -
      Quote Originally Posted by Disme View Post

      I have been torrenting since many, many years but I've never used any of those sites?
      I never heard of them even...
    1. nicukent's Avatar
      nicukent -

      Genre: HD
      Sign-up Link: http://www.nordichd.org/signup.php
      Closing Date: N/A
      Additional Information:
      NordicHD is a Private Torrent Tracker for HD-Movies/TV/Music
      Tracker Type: Ratio Based
      Bonus System: Yes
      Free torrents: Yes
      Maintaining Ratio: Easy
      Banned Countries: n/a
      RSS: Yes
      Members: n/a
      Torrents: n/a
    1. mariad's Avatar
      mariad -
      I use yify and torlock but I always use VPN for torrenting as it keeps me safe. The reason is simple as both sites are geo-restricted in my region. But apart from any restrictions, we should use a VPN as its a good practice. How many of you agree?