• New Bittorrent Bundle for Copyright Holders

    Bittorrent Inc., the developer of Bittorrent protocol technology, launched new format of torrent files to give copyright holders the opportunity to earn money on their content.

    Bittorrent – the most popular Peer-2-Peer network to share files online generates today more than three percent of global Internet traffic. Millions of fans use torrents daily. With the new format “Bundle” Bittorrent is trying to improve their negative reputation because of huge amount of pirated content that is available in this network.

    Bittorrent Bundle allows the copyrighters to embed into the torrent file a new feature called "wall", which requires a user to take some action before downloading the content. The action could be an invitation for the users to pay a fixed sum, to make a donation, to sign up for email newsletter or to make a Like on Facebook. After successful action the file can be accessed. Otherwise, Bittorrent Bundle works in the same way as the usual "torrents" and it can spread content through the existing infrastructure.

    The company hopes that the new format will help copyright holders to monetize their content effectively and capture new audience - those people, who refuse to buy music on iTunes or games on the Steam platform. For the start the copyrighters have to negotiate the integration of their actions into Bundle with Bittorrent company directly. In the near future, the company promises to release an open access possibility to make the integration simple and convenient. To show how this is going to work, the developers of Bundle made an agreement with the label “Ultra” and integrated a pay action for all their musicians.

    Whole last months Bittorrent Inc. tried to protect their technology against the bad image and underlined many times that they don’t deal with pirated content. The future will show if their attemps bring positive results!

    Source: http://torrentus.to/blog/new-bittorr...t-holders.html