• SoShare - Free File-Shaing Service of Bittorrent

    Company BitTorrent Inc. - developer of the most popular Bittorrent client uTorrent - launched a new file-sharing related project. The new service got a name "SoShare" and was released on February 15th.

    SoShare is a new service for sharing of files online. It focuses on online users, who need to send and receive large amounts of data regularly. It's rather inconvenient to send large files by e-mail or use a cloud storage because of their limitations. The new SoShare should help users to transfer large files without size and speed limits.

    The new service is a development of BitTorrent Labs department. It uses a cloud-caching principle and it is easy to guess that the technology is based on Bittorrent protocol. The main advantage of it is that the data recipient will be able to access files of the sender even if his computer is turned off.

    SoShare allows you to transfer files sized up to 1TB. The cached copies will be stored for 30 days after last download. The user is able to set up the storage duration on his own, as also to define a public or private access for the file.

    The representative of BitTorrent Inc. explained the main difference between SoShare and other cloud services like Dropbox: the content distribution will be achieved by unlimited computers of members, so that the file is stored in many places at the same time and not have only one copy as at Dropbox. This way of file storage should provide a high download speed. Additionally, SoShare's technology allows to stop and resume transfer of the file and it will send a notification once file will be "delivered" to the right destination.

    There is a registration required to start using the service. After that, a user is forced to install a SoShare plugin that will be supported by browsers Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari for Windows and Mac operation systems.

    The developers of BitTorrent Inc. warn that SoShare is still in beta stage and it will be updated frequently if any bugs appear. And the main point is that SoShare is offered completely for free.

    Source: http://torrentus.to/blog/soshare-fre...ittorrent.html