• Synchronize Your File With Bittorrent Sync

    It is now confirmed that BitTorrent Sync has officially entered into public beta and can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Linux and Androids. This is a wonderfully clever app which gives you the ability to synchronize all you files across various devices and allows you to share them with family and friends.

    One fantastic feature of the BitTorrent Sync app is that it has peer to peer protocol which means that the user can move a file straight from one device to another without the need for the use of an insecure intermediate. Any file that is shared is secured by a specific encryption key and only people with the ‘secret key’ are able to access these shared files- in other words you do not need to worry about security!

    Another feature of this app is that it allows the user to develop something called ‘read-only secrets and ‘one-time secrets’ which are designed for discreet and personal file sharing. It also has additional Sync pops which can be scanned straight away to enable instant access to your files via your device.

    The ‘Sync Archive’ is particularly impressive as these advanced features allow the user to gain access to deleted and old copies of files. This can come in extremely handy! In addition it also incorporates a one way synchronization system enabling the user to put their files elsewhere without having to replace any changes which have been made to the files.

    The app also has additional ‘Mobile support’ which is designed to help the user gain access to files and folders amongst various platforms including the Linux, Android, Windows, and iOS. The BitTorrent Sync app is a very innovative and clever app and allows the user to synchronize photos between their smartphone and PC. It removes the need for users to go through DropBox or YouSendIt allowing for fast and efficient file sharing with friends and family.

    The BitTorrent app is available for Windowns, Mac and Linux and can be downloaded from labs.bittorrent.com and from Google Play for an Android platform.

    Source: http://torrentus.to/blog/synchronize...rent-sync.html
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    1. megabyteme's Avatar
      megabyteme -
      This sounds like it might have some potential. I'll keep my eye on it as it goes through a few updates, and gets bugs worked out.
    1. res0r9lm's Avatar
      res0r9lm -
      don't trust you privacy to closed source apps