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    Everyone who knows what Usenet is and downloads binaries from it regularly, is familiar with the main problem of this network - it's not censored and nobody verifies the files posted to it. Nobody cares about verifying Nzb files that will be uploaded to Usenet daily. This leads to such problems like fake, password protected, virus infected or incomplete archives. Classical search engines like Binsearch, NZBClub or NZBIndex provide a Usenet search and just index the Nzbs without real check of its quality. Also many new Newznab based indexers appeared on the market have no possibility to verify the content and provide high quality search. This was my motivation to write about new, innovative service - Usenet browser UsenetHub.

    UsenetHub - search engine for Usenet binaries created in form of a browser that indexes all Nzbs with image and video files inside. UsenetHub downloads binaries first to see what is located inside, creates previews and screenshots, publishes the files on the site. All received images and videos will be sorted into right newsgroups and categories to provide easy navigation. The site is divided into main categories: General and Adult.

    The developers of UsenetHub tell that their site is just few weeks old and it will need some time to fill it with all content from Usenet network. I found the project very unique so I wrote to their support to ask some question and got following answers:

    How can you manage to download so much data from Usenet and offer the service for free?

    "We've contacted several Usenet providers with a question if they are interested in supporting our project and provide us sponsored Usenet access so that we could download all binaries. Many ignored our E-Mail, some answered with "NO". Noone was able to support us. The only one provider that agreed was GetNZB. They also own Nzblord online Usenet downloading service. They were interested in giving us free access to Usenet network. So through their servers we were able to download all files."

    I've noticed that when you click on "Download" button you will be redirected to NZBLord or GetNZB. So the site is not free!?

    "Providing us with a free access to Usenet, the owners of GetNZB asked us to put a download button to their service as thank for their support. On the other hand, every user is able to view every single image in original size completely for free - without paing for Usenet access, having account or registration. You can also save every image to your PC directly from our site. You don't need to be a member of their service. You can also use any other provider to download Nzb files. Only big sized videos can not be saved for free, cause this would generate high traffic for the sponsored Usenet provider. So we can tell that the site is to 80% free!"

    You have a low choice of files, what is the reason for it?

    "Please consider that the service was launched 2 weeks ago. Please also consider that the whole files will be moderated manually. We have a team of moderators who publish images and videos daily. We've already indexed whole Usenet, the content is awaiting moderation now. Please give the site some time and it will be filled with majority of posted files."

    Do you think it makes sence to moderate it manually?

    "Once we've got all binaries, we've noticed that there are many illegal files: child pornography, zoo, rape etc. The manual moderation will allow us to filter out all these files. We are professional programmers but it's technically impossible to create a filter that would work without human participation."

    You have only images and videos indexed, what's with games, software and music?

    "This is exactly what we are working on now. Very soon we will also include music, games and software content. The site is new, please give us some time to make it even better."

    You have no fear that you will be much abused because of showing of binaries on your site?

    "The main innovation of UsenetHub is the technical part: all images and videos are not stored on our servers. Once you click on any image the system connects with usenet servers through sponsored usenet access and downloads files "on fly". This means that there is no any temporary saving of any file on our servers - the system provides a connection between a user's computer and usenet server and shows image in the browser."

    What is your motivation to create such system and what you plan to do with it?

    "Many people complaint that there is no single service that would provide 100% verified Nzb files. Bittorrent, for example, has many resources with verified torrent files. This was a challenge for us to create such UsenetHub. The system is programmed in a very complicated way. It took 2 months to develop it and 1 month for testing. The main motivation is to get recognition amoung Usenet users and get good traffic on the site. Maybe in the future we will be able to earn something through advertisement, but we don't think about it at the moment."

    Thank you UsenetHub that you took time to answer my questions. Maybe some of Filesharingtalk users will like to project.
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      is not free
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      how much is it?
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      Package Traffic Period Rebill Price
      Minimal ∞UNLIMITED 3 days No $4.75
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      Classic ∞UNLIMITED 30 days No $9.95

      just goto the link in the above post and it will tell you..
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      thx for your time poster